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Why possible return of communists to the power is dangerous to Moldova and its citizens

  Unfortunately, those who asks this question, prefer to search for direct answers or to build possible scenarios with which help communists could return to the power. Practically nobody tries to answer a simple question: and what will be with Moldova and with its citizens in an improbable case of returning of communists in the power? Today there are all bases to assume that it would be equivalent to accident of national scale which it is possible to judge by the elementary analysis.

Moldova again it to appear on the verge of bankruptcy

All it can is known that in 2009 communists have finished the country to a bankruptcy side. At the moment of government Filata coming to power the predicted budgeted deficit for 2009 equaled 8 mlrd leev. There was no money neither for payment of pensions, nor for payment of salaries, for financing of medical institutions and sotsuchrezhdeny, and for payment, for example, address indemnifications in second half of 2009 means have not been provided at all. According to confidential correspondence between the former presidential adviser Oleg Rejdmanom and the former head of the state Vladimir Voroninym, the country should be officially declared the bankrupt in October, 2009.

Government Filata has developed the effective program on stabilisation and economic development, has adjusted good partner relations with external partners, has undertaken a number of internal measures which have allowed the country to avoid bankruptcy and to start to develop normally. For the last year communists repeatedly criticised a policy and the measures undertaken by government Filata, accurately realising the inability to deduce the country from crisis, and that Filat was the only thing who could also who has rescued the country from crash. Communists do not hide the hostility to external partners, especially to IMF, hostility to measures on improvement of economy and the social sphere, undertaken government Filata, but offer nothing in exchange. Therefore it is absolutely logical to assume that in case of coming to power, they will live some months by inertia, at the expense of results of activity of government Filata, and then the country again will appear on the verge of bankruptcy.  

Thousand teachers can be dismissed, and payment of pensions and salaries - is stopped

In conditions when the country will return practically to a status for September, 25th, 2009, it is logical to assume that communists will introduce scenarios which prepared then for a crisis situation in which the country has appeared from - for their incompetences. In a context it is necessary to remind the decision of the government of Zynaida Grechanoj on abolition of 10 thousand workplaces in budgetary sphere and Oleg Rejdmana Vladimir Voroninu`s offer to dismiss five thousand teachers. According to the declassified documents of times of communistic board, last power prepared such anti-recessionary measures, as: reduction of awards to workers of bodies of the central and local management; departure of workers of the central administration in holiday at own expense; cancellation of indemnifications; compulsion of teachers to work free of charge at two o`clock it is more; stay of delivery of soft loans to some categories of the population; stay of the program of maintenance of youth by habitation; payment stay indeksirovannyh population contributions in « Bank de Ekonomy » etc.

Government Filata not only has not admitted, that these antinational actions have been introduced in practice, and to the contrary, has found money for timely payments of pensions, salaries, grants, grants. Moreover, pensions have increased on 4,3 %, zar - payments of teachers – on 24 % (and in 2011 will increase on 25 %), grants to a birth of the child – on 300 leev, the social help – on 39 %, etc. However nobody guarantees that, having returned to the power, communists will not introduce the diabolical antinational plans in life.

Payment of social indemnifications can stop

on December, 26th, 2006 the first deputy of premieres - the minister of Moldova Zynaida Grechanaja has signed in Moscow the Report with the vice-president of board of Open Society « Gazprom » Century And. Golubevym according to which the prices for the natural gas delivered to Moldova, grow to reach periodically in 2011 of Central European level. Proceeding from this document, only in 2010 of the price for gas have grown twice, and it, not a secret, results behind itself rise in prices for other goods and services. To soften « communistic blow » on the simple people, government Filata has decided to pay to socially vulnerable categories of citizens social indemnifications which cover a difference in tariffs. Thus, spring of 2010 of indemnification have been paid (for all cold period) to 260 thousand to citizens, and the decision to pay to indemnification to 521 thousand pensioners (75 % from total number of pensioners) and to 30 thousand socially vulnerable families in the autumn was accepted. It turns out that during the cold period of year of pension raise practically on 16 %. Vlad Filat declared that social indemnifications will be paid and after new year, and new indexation of pensions on April, 1st, 2011 will follow.
communists time and again for the last year subjected to criticism government Filata social policy, and it generates serious fears that in case of coming to power, in pressing forward to destroy everything that has been created to them, they will abolish social indemnifications and by that will put a direct stroke on pensioners and on other representatives of the poorest levels of population.  

M oldavane from - for a boundary cannot come back home

Well-known that for years of communistic board about one million citizens of Republic Moldova have been urged to leave for earnings abroad. To communists it was favourable « to expel » our citizens in another`s countries a minimum for two reasons. On the money, which our citizens sent from - for a boundary, practically a vein all country. On them the economy kept, on them the budget kept, on them there lived also communists, without caring of creation of workplaces and economy development.

the Second reason – being on foreign land, these people could not vote, and it suited communists who could remain in power with support only one thirds of total number of voters.
government Filata recognised a problem working abroad as one of the cores and has started its decision.

In - the first, the special governmental commission which has closely taken up the issue of children left without supervision of parents as a result of their departure abroad has been created. By the way, communists have never expressed to concern for destiny of these children.

In - the second, government Filata has made the decision on establishment of agency which would deal with a problem of the Moldavian citizens who are abroad. In - the third, the program according to which the government will double at the expense of the state budget any investments of our citizens from - for a boundary in moldav has been developed and countenanced - I will hold down economy.

In - the fourth, government Filata has begun negotiations on liberalisation of a visa regime with the European Union. Rough term when our citizens can move absolutely freely on European Union territory – 18 months.

In - the fifth, all conditions are created that our citizens abroad could vote. Not to mention the initiated process of signing of contracts with the countries where there are our citizens who would guarantee their social protection. In a word, all efforts for observance of the rights of our citizens abroad and their subsequent returning home where they would have possibility to reunite with families have been made, to live and work in the homeland.  

Communists already have now begun the massed attack to those whom they have got used to consider as slaves. One of these days PKRM has declared that will protest the decision on creation of polling districts abroad where our citizens could vote. This direct proof that PKRM in any way has not changed the relation to working abroad and that in case of possible coming to power, communists cancel all processes begun by government Filata on reunion of families, creation of workplaces, attraction of Moldavians from - for a boundary as investors in economy, etc.
infrastructure and agriculture Development can be suspended
Only for a year of board government Filata has managed to involve from - for a boundary in the form of free aid more than 1,3 mlrd US dollars. The considerable part of this sum will go on infrastructure and agriculture development. By the way, these two branches are priority for the government, and the proof to that the means allocated from the state budget in first eight months of this year. Thus, during this period on support rural, water and a forestry have been allocated by 603 million leev (+11,2 %). On subsidising of agricultural manufacturers – 281,4 million leev (+15,1 %). Expenses of Road fund have made 323,1 million leev (+87,2 %).  

Coming back to the help from the outside, it would be desirable to notice especially that the construction of roads of national value has already begun, and works on rehabilitation of irrigating systems in the near future will begin. Knowing the relation of communists to external partners (some have simply turned out in communistic board), there are serious fears that in case of their coming to power, these important processes for the country will be suspended. Besides, there is a precedent when the large international organisation has curtailed the important project for Moldova on rehabilitation of roads from - that communists have tried in style peculiar to them « to push » the certain economic agent so that he has won competition on performance of civil work. Such relation already sufficient pretext to assume that the ward of communists to the power will deprive Moldova of chance to have the developed infrastructure and the developed agriculture.

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