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« the General the Frost » does not frighten the Russian army

Forecasts of weather forecasters - are unfavourable. Abnormal summer heat can be replaced by abnormal frosts in this winter. The ministry of regional development sounds alarm - the country bolshchej a part is not ready to colds. Figures frighten - almost 75 percent of housing and communal services are not ready by the winter where - that on a broader scale all system of heating has failed. On this background it is told and about the future misfortune in military garrisons, especially in northern which can suffer from colds.

- On a broader scale - that, we have delivered fuel for kotelen still davnym - for a long time, - the official representative of back of Armed forces Vladimir Drobyshevsky speaks. - On a status on October, 1st deliveries of coal and liquid fuel have been carried out for hundred percent.

frontier guards who report about full maintenance of northern outposts with fuel Are optimistical also.

- Delivery is made in full - both on fuel, and on products, - mark in boundary department.

However, in Minregione consider that military men hide a true state of affairs with preparation of objects of housing and communal services of military camps for work in winter conditions. According to head Minregiona Victor Basargina, at a situation assessment in near and far garrisons to them it is necessary to apply procedures, obligatory to civil settlements. However, misfortunes of domestic housing and communal services do not know a departmental accessory that is why at military men and civil about equal odds to remain in severe frosts without heat and light.

Why - that special alarm Basargina was called by military camps.

- In many of them a situation unsatisfactory. All of us we remember, in what has resulted such state of affairs on a military camp example « Steppe » in Transbaikalian edge. This year there were problems with preparation for winter in 95 military camps, – the minister has informed.

In army problems of the future winter concern more optimistically: fuel is - means we will not freeze. As military deliveries are independent and are not fastened on civil structures. Them tariffs for heat do not interest is a problem of the Minister of Defence and their financial possibilities. But - the soldier should be obogret, is put and fed. And the commander should teach only to its military science in the present image.


In the Minister of Defence report that have made ready for the winter more than 160 thousand buildings and constructions in military parts. Have checked up and have spent a fire chamber in more than 4000 boiler-houses which readiness for today is estimated for 98 percent. The length of thermal networks armies makes more than 90 thousand kilometres - all of them are in an operating status.

Armed forces by the winter have received 80 thousand tons of coal (it without liquid fuel). On a case of unforeseen weather conditions in army are available more than 2000 thousand electroinstallations - the generators, capable to provide with an electricity all military small towns. the army precisely will not freeze - official representatives MO confirm.