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In November of citizens of Moldova will start to vaccinate against a seasonal flu

When there come the first colds, people are frightened by not so much cold snap, how much its faithful companions — a flu and ORZ.   Fears become especially strong when citizens remember a tragic flu epidemic in   the beginning of 2010. Then in Moldova a flu thousand people were ill, at more than 130 from them flu A (H1N1) has been confirmed, and 17 persons from this artful virus have died. A leah

Waits similar epidemic Moldova and in this season? To find out conditions, « it was converted into Service of the first help of Kishinev:

- recently we did not fix Any case of a flu. And here quantity ORZ has increased — a day we register on 50 - 55 cases of such diseases, - the doctor - co-ordinator Evelina Russu has informed .

Mutations of a virus of a flu it is not expected yet  

So, fortunately, epidemiological conditions in our country are stable. But it only while. What forecasts of physicians for a current season and when vaccination from a flu will begin? To these questions has responded for « » the chief of capital management of public health services of Mihaj Moldovanu:  

  - the Epidemiological situation is at present stable, and here as to ORZ the tendency to growth of virus diseases has been fixed. But it was last week when it was very cold. In the last some days of references to doctors apropos both nurseries, and adult virus infections became less.

- As to a flu it usually does not arise, when in the street pljusovaja air temperature. A flu are ill from December till March more often. This year we yet do not predict any mutations of a flu in our country, most likely it will be a usual seasonal flu. But precisely it becomes known, only when there will be results of virus analyses of the first diseased.  

- As to vaccination most likely we will start it to spend more close by November. We will vaccinate from a usual seasonal flu. First of all inoculations will be necessary for making that who included into risk group: medical staff, employees of educational institutions, children and teenagers. For these categories of citizens of an inoculation will be free. By the way, compulsorily to do inoculations, naturally, will be to nobody — only that who will express desire. That who not included into risk group, at desire too it is possible to make vaccination — for this purpose it is necessary to be converted to the family doctor. How much it will cost, it is not clear yet.   vaccines yet have not delivered. But I do not think that will be more expensive, than last year — That is within hundred leev.  

Independently to distinguish a flu it will not be possible

Then we have asked Mihaja Moldovanu to tell, how it is possible to distinguish a flu from usual ORZ:  

- ORZ and a flu proceed on - to a miscellaneous. The main difference in temperature. At ORZ it usually fluctuates in limits from 37,5 to 38 degrees, and at a flu body temperature reaches 39, and even above.   besides, the flu has such specific displays, as a strong headache, a nausea, the expressed intoxication.   thus to distinguish a flu in house conditions it is impossible.   At disease first signs it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Otherwise wrong treatment is fraught with serious complications.

the Main thing — immunity to watch!

the Head of department of public health services of Kishinev   has given advice to readers « how to be saved from a flu:  

- There is three elementary advice. Main from them — to watch immunity. I advise in the autumn to all to take vitamins. It will help if not to avoid illness, at least, to soften its displays. The second advice concerns a temperature mode. Try, that also houses, and on work you were in heat, do not suppose overcooling.   in a cold a flu « clings » where faster! Well and the last — at occurrence of the first symptoms of a flu or ORZ — at once be converted to the family doctor further to avoid troubles with health.

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