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Paparazzi was possible to photograph son Ronaldu

News that Krishtianu Ronaldu became the father,   three months ago became the present sensation.

we Will remind, in the blog   one of the most highly paid football players of the world admitted that at it the son was born. Ronaldu not only has declared to the world that became the father, but also has promised to nurture the kid. Its own mother - the grandmother of the baby - and his sisters with pleasure have agreed to help in it.

- More recently I became the father of the boy, - wrote in tvittere Ronaldu. - Under the consent with mother of the child who has wanted to remain the unknown person, I will patronise it. But more than any information on this subject I do not intend to inform. I ask to respect mine and my child the right to private life.

the Piquancy of a situation that the football star conceals a name of mother of the child. At first gossipers have decided that Ronaldu, like Riki Martin, has used services of substitute mother. But have then come to a conclusion that the child was born as a result of casual intimacy (Krishtianu is known as the big lady`s man).

Only three months after paparazzi of the newspaper to Newspaper TVmais   it was possible to photograph fellow-heir Ronaldu. The child was deduced on walk by mum of the football player.

Son Ronaldu on walk with grandmother Dolores.
the Photo: TVmais. com

Admirers of Ronaldu have noticed that the kid very much looks like the well-known father.