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Invisible problems of city apartments

Though if to think, electromagnetic radiation, quality of tap water, a bad microclimate – where it is more important than colour of wall-paper and elasticity of a mattress. Problems with a dream, headaches, food poisonings – it not children`s horror stories, and, unfortunately, a reality of inhabitants of St.-Petersburg.

to learn a real situation in city apartments we have interviewed expert Sankt - the Petersburg centre of hygiene and epidemiologii « Ekontrol »   Larissa Viktorovny Knjazevoj.

- Larissa Viktorovna , is clear that not the purest, and water from - under the crane it is impossible to drink city air. But a leah really inhabitants face with real problems health from - for statuses of the apartments?

- In - the first, we are familiar with a situation only across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region. In - the second, on the basis of results of researches of apartments which show deviations from norms it is impossible to do the general conclusions. As a rule, such inspections reserve, when already suspect presence of certain problems – from - for feeling sick, for example. Therefore the high percent of a deviation from norms in surveyed apartments speaks not about a great number of problem apartments in all city, and about irresponsibility of inhabitants which start to solve problems at a stage of their neglect more likely.

- Owners of apartments can be understood – if there are no symptoms what for to make the diagnosis?

- As they say while the fried cock will not peck … Unfortunately, from - for shortages of the information and misunderstanding of a real situation inhabitants are not in earnest about this point in question. Time is required, after all to necessity of medical preventive actions we too long went and we go till now. To the child, for example, it is clear – it is necessary to put on warmly in the winter not to catch a cold. But for adults absolutely unevidently that bacteriological and sanitary - hygienic water analyses should be made before possible food poisoning that it to prevent, instead of after that it to ascertain.

- the problem is how much serious? After all we, forgive, we speak not about « a brothel » or « klopovnike » and about usual city apartment in which there live decent people …

- Observance of elementary sanitary requirements does not influence in any way electromagnetic radiation or actual light exposure indoors according to standard requirements. Therefore deviations from norms in usual city apartment – it is a reality. We take, for example, such important factor as a microclimate. Its indicators do not seem significant, and actually – are paramount for our health. The majority of people knows that humidity during the winter period low, it influences dryness of a skin,   at the same time on weariness and irritation. The organism all time is in stress.

Many think that has smeared the person with a cream and an order – the skin does not dry, wrinkles are not present. It not so. Humidity is responsible for flabbiness of a skin, for wrinkles. Or, for example, all are ill a flu. Children especially often. Very few people knows, chtopri low humidity mucous at the person dry and all these viruses easily get into an organism, after all the barrier in the form of slime is not present.

Other subject – it is tap water. Here the facts: in Russia today more than 50 percent of water supply systems have exceeded term of operation and are in a menacing status. At the same time more than 75 percent of known illnesses get to our organism with water. The hepatitis, typhus, cholera, gastroenterit and many other diseases can be called the use of the infected water. Dirty water can spoil a skin, hair, nails, to call loss of teeth. Too hard water forms a scum and can call breakage of teapots, washing and dishwashers – people face it daily.

- Problems with water are known, about them speak much. What else there are the risks less obvious?

- speak much, but in practice it appears that do a little. Though water analyses – one of the most popular researches that to us reserve. From less obvious problems I can name mercury steams, saprofitov, radiation …

Everyone broke a mercury thermometer houses. And what it did after that? As a rule, anything. Mercury steams undermine our immunity – in some years there are pains. In y live in apartment, where even cockroaches mrut. While at you only irritation and weariness, but after all mercury is deduced through kidneys. Problems with nervous system, kidneys begin. What to speak about children.

Saprofity (dust pincers) too frequent enough phenomenon. Most of all these microscopic insects the bed and carpets with natural pile abides in warm and damp places, for example. The tick does not put any harm to the person, being our lifelong companion, eating dying off cages of a skin. The problem is made by excrement of the tick, a part of bodies dead kleshchikov – they become the reason of allergic reactions, instead of some products as many think more often.

Concerning radiation – now in building materials use not the best components. Our east neighbours Chineses always aspire to cheapness and reduce quality. As a result such building materials, as cement and mixes with its use, and also a tile, etc. Can a little fonit. And much also it is not necessary to us – there are problems with hair, nails, the feeling sick is constant. And business not only in your repair – you have neighbours. For radiation the wall has no value. Therefore it is important to understand that occurs at you in the apartment, what indicators.

- What your professional recommendations to owners of apartments?

- not to wait occurrence of illness and not to leave all on Russian perhaps, the pier will carry by me. To reserve examination now! Examination – it not only figures on a piece of paper. It is a practicable plan of actions with which you can change ecological conditions in apartment. A popular belief that this expensive pleasure, also that then it is necessary to do new repair. I want to assure that for preventive maintenance of a flu and vitamins you spend for medicines more, and about repair – there are ways of the decision of problems less radical. The same shift of furniture or humidifier purchase.

And it is obligatory to receive ekopasport with documents of the state sample, confirming results of the spent researches and analyses. It ministers documentary acknowledgement of all researches spent in apartment and, if something happens, allows to be converted into any instances, demanding justice.

you can receive free consultation at the ecologist by phone:   454 - 60 - 24.

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