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Reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is a feast!


In the Ministry of Internal Affairs were defined how to be with a departmental feast. We will remind, on November, 10th in the country Day of militia was traditionally celebrated. That will be with this date after renaming of militia into police according to the project of the Federal law « About police » till now it was not known. But, seemingly, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs have found a way out of a ticklish situation - on November, 10th will be called as Day of the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

- Day of militia becomes a professional feast of employees of law-enforcement bodies - Day of the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, - has explained yesterday to journalists the high-ranking source in the ministry. Also has not excluded that under the new name militiamen can celebrate a feast even before renaming, this year.


the form to which the Russian policemen should pass became Other major question in which the ministry within the limits of the reform was engaged. About it journalists there was a deputy minister of internal affairs Sergey Gerasims.

the Norwegian policeman (at the left) even in a mirror is afraid to be looked in the mornings at a photo. It is so abrupt. The Russian militiaman in a mirror too does not like to look in the mornings - whether is afraid of itself not to learn, whether is afraid to ask: « Leah and there was a weapon? »
a photo: REUTERS

- On the instructions of the minister we have requested samples of the form of policemen from many countries for their studying and, probably, additions with some elements for domestic policemen, - has informed the deputy minister.

Experts carefully study regimentals of the police USA, Great Britain, France, Germany. But, seemingly, most of all our Ministry of Internal Affairs likes the Norwegian motives.

- the police of Norway has a form for all occasions, even for pregnant women, - has noted Gerasims.

Meanwhile till now anything the name of a feast and a choice of the form, the commission of the President of Russia is not known about execution not less responsible, than to the ministry. We will remind, on September, 23rd Dmitry Medvedev has charged to finish in fortnight term the project of the Federal law « About police » Taking into account public discussion for its entering into the State Duma.

Results of the given work of ministerial experts remain unknown persons and after the lapse of almost month. It and is clear - to think of a feast more pleasantly.