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Leah can “ Zenith “ to beat Croatian “ gajdukov “

the Trainer of visitors shows false modesty, and Spalletti is self-assured

In the championship of Croatia « Hajduk » goes now on the second place, conceding only one point to the leader - Zagreb « the Dynamo ». As to a forthcoming match in Petersburg the head coach of the command of Stanko Poklepovich considers that a position of the favourite (« Zenith ». - the bus Comment) always presses. And in this sense at its pupils will be more open space.

- it will be easier To us to play against « Zenith » than against « Slavena » (commands from Koprivnitsy who now goes on the ninth place in the Croatian championship. In a past week-end football players from Split have beaten « It is nice » in the eleventh tour of the championship of Croatia with the bill 1:0. - a bus Comment) . To Petersburg we go to roles « Slavena » and « Zenith » will act in a role « Hajduka » - Poklepovich on the eve of a departure to Russia has told. - nothing burdens us, we are ready to play raskovanno and to use any moment while on the Petersburg club huge responsibility presses.

the Croatian trainer considers the command young and not skilled. Also he complains about losses - some strong football players in an infirmary.

- At « Hajduka » last years there were also more successful times, - tells Poklepovich. - Now game leaves to wish much the best. And it me worries. Nevertheless we play to Europe. So, it is necessary only to train, work and try to solve problems.

the Head coach « Zenith » Luchano Spalletti looks at forthcoming game pragmatically enough:

- I Wait for a difficult match. Saw, how plays « Hajduk ». They give out good matches. From the football players I wait for good game. After all, having earned nine points, we almost will provide to ourselves an exit from group. Therefore should win. As to fans « Hajduka » I am not familiar with them. And our fans, I hope, will continue to help with the same victorious spirit to the command.

Who violent and who is not present

- With fans « Hajduka » at us the general is not present anything, - speaks « getting » zenitovskogo the fan - a bend on « Petrovsky » Alexander Mokasin. - we with them were never crossed. Information a little. I know that their style bolenija about same, as well as in other clubs jugo - east Europe. Hot, southern. I would compare them to Serbs and Greeks. I know that atmosphere at stadiums in Croatia more rigid, than, say, in Serbia. From Russia Croats meet clubs inhospitably. We exactly concern each rival. They are identical to us - all need to be beaten. Therefore we in any way do not allocate « Hajduk ».

the Correspondent « » has phoned in a press - service of the Croatian club.

- To us it is allocated seven hundred tickets, - have informed there. - But to Russia are going to go about four hundred. At least, while to us so much demands have arrived.

- Speak, your fans very violent?

- Is not present - is not present! They completely not violent. Now they quiet. All will pass cultural. Simply they very strongly love « Hajduk ». They are not dangerous to other people - anybody are not going to beat.

the Match will be served by the Czech arbitrators

the Main judge Libor Kovarzhik is appointed, compatriots Patrick Filipek and Kristof Mentsl, behind collars - Radek Prigoda and Tomash Kokurek will help it on lines. Duties of the reserve judge are assigned to Pavela Kralovetsa.

to the Main arbitrator Kovarzhiku already dropped out twice to judge games of the Russian clubs: in 2010 it worked on game « the Ruby » and « Hapoelja » (0:0) in League of Europe, and then - in the same tournament - served a match « Siberia » - « Apollo » (1:0). In bias in relation to Russians it is not noticed.

the Photo: Ilya SMIRNOV

it is competent

  Dmitry Radchenko: « Croats will arrive to fight »

Former attacking « Zenith » « Spartaka » and Russian national team knows about the today`s rival of Petersburgers firsthand - after all it finished in Croatian « Hajduke » career of the football player.

- Now anybody cannot authentically estimate force « Hajduka » - tells Radchenko. Is a command - a riddle. However here of what I am assured: guys will arrive here to fight up to the end. It on a broader scale a distinctive feature of all Croatian football. Perhaps, they not such class football players as zenitovtsy, and not such skilled, but they will battle in the field.

Has remembered eks - zenitovets and the well-known Croatian fans.

- For Croats football is more than simply game, - speaks Dmitry. - there grieve. Has tested it on the skin. After war the only thing that remains at people in Split, is « Hajduk ». Fans there very emotional, quick children, and they are able to stand for colours of native club. And on a broader scale Croats not such bad as them paint.

the FILE « »

« Hajduk » it is based in 1911. Four students have delivered to Split a modern English ball game, which « have caught » at university of Prague. The first goal of the command has been hammered by a knee - legends about this remarkable fact are handed down till now by generations of fans « Hajduka ».

Achievements: 9 - the multiple champion of Yugoslavia, 8 - the multiple champion of Croatia, 5 - the multiple owner of the Cup of Croatia, 6 - the multiple owner of the Supercup of Croatia.

the Form: House - white T-shirts, blue pants, guest - it is red - dark blue T-shirts, blue pants.

Nicknames: White, Gajduki, Masters from the sea. A word « hajduk » (« gajduk ») Has some values: « gorlapan » « the Cossack » « the shepherd ». Originally it named drovers of cattle.

House stadium: « poljud » capacity of 34 thousand spectators.

the largest grouping of fans - « Torsida ». Adheres to nationalist sights.

What disorders fans " arrange; Hajduka “