Rus News Journal

The groom to find? Easily - here to go nearby

In last number we have told, how three   unmarried and nice   correspondents « have decided to take destiny in hand and to go     on searches   nice bachelors.   for Syktyvkar a problem of search of a half – most that on is « hot »:   on the statistican, in capital Komi on 12 % of men it is less, than women. Well and if not on the statistican, and on a national rumour,   and at all – on one guy of the necessary age for marriage it is necessary   at least seven marriageable young ladies...
in general, our heroines have visited places where should « to be found » single and nice. Namely – in shop of household goods and tools, in a motor show, at driving school.   during these experiments we have received   two   potential « object » for the further research – That is two   pleasant guys who at first sight, are free... But it – not the occasion to stop!

Football unites men... But not with women!

the Inspiration has come unexpectedly in the form of the advertising leaflet. The inscription on it said: « Translation of a football match Russia - Ireland ». It is solved - we go there!
On especially man`s action I suffice with myself the girl-friend and - in   sports bar. We find a free place among « man`s » little tables, we are arranged.
- oh, look, what handsome man! Do not turn, he will understand that we about it speak! - on an ear coquettish girl-friend Irinka with emotion whispers to me. Unlike me it not on the task and for nice guys reacts how has got used – roughly and directly.
- well   like a choice is! - I wink at it. And here my voice sinks in a roar of tribunes which rushes from the screen – has begun...
and guys as have changed. What there streljanie eyes, it though on a head knock - all attention is directed on crowd of muzhiks in the shorts driving one ball on all across the field.
- Ra - se - I! Ra - se - I! - scan to the left of us. But it all the same « music » because on the right in our ears unprintable expressions in « address rush; such - that » judges, which, once again « such - that » has made full « pi - pi - pi »... And after all fans of not standard lexicon as decent people &ndash look; even in ties have come, beer have not reserved...
in general, I understand, football really unites. But it only unites men. Instead of us, girls, with them.
In a break between times sights of fans get again intelligent expression. I did not hope for the best, and here bright Ira has had time to exchange phones with the handsome man from - for next a little table. However, to communicate it it was not possible - the second time, and potential « has begun; object » has left in a football astral.
a result: it is found « a zero » objects. On football to matches to women impressionable it is not necessary to appear. Well and that who is more courageous, at least for the general acquaintance just once it is necessary to look at this show, « opening wonderful » concerning men there will be a weight.


In process « clothing » we come to understanding
the Stylish man (namely such personally to me and saw in an ideal) should be always dressed with igolochki. Where to find such dandy? Certainly, in men`s wear store. Well, run there, and that all bachelors will snatch away!

- Primerte kurtochku, mese!

In a spacious hall of a boutique it has appeared it is deserted (thus that in other shops of shopping centre to the people - not to force the way). The security guard and a couple of saleswomen with astonishment vozzrilis on me: a pier, a door, the girl, were not mistaken? Yes, negusto here with bachelors. I go on direct contact with well-cared, as if a top - models, saleswomen: they here spend all the day long and precisely conditions know.
- you have correctly chosen, - girls quite benevolently smile, having learnt about high aim of my visit. - men here really are and is frequent clients that is called, « in cash ». The main thing   - a ringlet on a finger not to look through, that in vain time not to spend.
yes, I think about myself, it is visible that here employees on potential husbands « have known inside out ». And can, and put experiments, as well as we in edition?
conversation could take an interesting turn, but here on a boutique threshold there was the first « a victim ». I Pretend that with concentration I rummage in things on   to the first rack.
- the young man, I choose a gift to the father for an anniversary, here as to the man such gift would be pleasant to you? - I delay hangers the first jacket. In a voice I add a spoon of honey and a flattery butt: – By the way, at you and the size, as at the father. And a figure, as at it – the lovely sight is simple! You, probably, are engaged in sports. Be not engaged? Well then you simply phenomenon, my congratulations... So it is not difficult to you to try on here it?
I, of course, was not limited to one jacket and as a result we have spent in shop almost hour. Patient Anton has appeared the interesting interlocutor and very lovely guy. Operation « a gift choice » has passed cheerfully, and has ended behind an espresso cup   in a coffee house nearby.
the Result: potentially +1. We have drunk coffee, but here phones have not exchanged. Whether I « a grasp » has weakened, not dozhala « object » after the first attack. Whether intuition has felt – this nominee is already occupied, despite lacking a ring on a finger.

That chances not to lose - it is necessary to support the form?

To go Sunday in trenazherku it would not be desirable   to a pain (my friends still luxuriate at this time in a bed). Perhaps from it in a head bad thoughts climbed. Well who there in a hall?   the narcissus which cares and nurses the body and madly loves only the cubes on a press?!
- Serega, still pair of pancakes take, - and the big uncle (even I at the growth of 1,72 m seemed   in comparison with it krohoj) has lifted over itself a huge bar. The first picture in a gym   at once has not excited. To my regret, beefy men the bar was where more interesting me.  
I have not despaired and have decided to observe conditions... From a racetrack. 40 minutes of intensive run. Result - the same.   time visitors of a hall do not react to me, to call of the instructor (though last time promised to deal already with professionals).
-   Excuse, you will not help me, - I have begun storm, faster usual clapping eyelashes.
- the girl, wait minute.

On the instructions of edition dasha showed to men purely sports interest.

to Wait to me it was necessary more than minute. When the instructor the Novel has approached, I have set to it one million questions on business. The novel intelligibly   all has explained and has quickly left. Again a regional ohm. Well, of course, such here, as I, girls - « sportswomen » in day on some tens comes, at them protection.   But I after all actually could not understand with all training apparatus -   and again pulled the Novel. At last it with soldier`s frankness, without caring at all of mine « sincere torments » has given out:
- the Girl, my wife and the adult child...
though I also made working experiment, became insulting. No, well I   questions I set, and here at once have stopped all on a root... However, to be photographed with me « for memory » the Novel has agreed - can, from fault?
upset and   tired,   with what I have trudged in a locker room.
- the girl, you have already finished studying? It is possible, I to the house take you? - The young man too exhausted by training, smiled in 32 teeth all. Strange, and how I on it - that have not converted earlier attention? Very much even approaching « object » without apparent defects and the necessary age. In general, to the house I have reached not one. My phone « object » Took, yes I and was not going to refuse an exchange of contacts. We call up. On following days off in trenazherku have agreed to go together.
the Result: + 1 . While all so is quite good, what even I am afraid to maleficiate. Fie - fie - fie!



Active = self-assured?

Having finished our experiment, in general with polozhitelnym result - acquaintances were fastened, though accurate « the status » guys all - taki it is yet clear – we have decided to ask opinions of men: and what do they think of what try to get acquainted with them actively? Opinions of the men interrogated by us were divided. The most part of the spoilt knights, of course, has voted for that perfect young ladies by all means tried to draw their attention, approached the first and actively got acquainted.
- well and why is not present? For that at the weather sea - that to wait? Have passed already those times when the girl sat on a shop, modestly having looked down eyes! The active woman - the self-assured woman. And such always in the price, - Alexander considers syktyvkarets.
and here our colleague, Victor firmly convinced - the man should do the first step. Otherwise and not the man it at all. Such here old-fashioned (or not growing old?) sights...
one more representative of a strong half of mankind remained in a neutrality:
- Well I not against getting acquainted young ladies. Only it is necessary to observe a measure - persuasive nobody loves, it is vulgar and not adequately high rank of the Woman, - other Alexander smiles.
but, lovely ladies and their potential gentlemen, remember: under forecasts of demographers in 20 years in Syktyvkar will be women on 15 % more than men. Also you want – you do not want, expensive girls, it is necessary to do the first step. Not to remain in proud loneliness.