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In Kronstadt rich will on barracks position

Military real estate of a fortified city of Kronstadt it decided to give under civil
  In Kronstadt rich will be on barracks position
Military real estate of a fortified city of Kronstadt it decided to give under civil needs. One of these days command of the Kronstadt garrison and the power of St.-Petersburg have agreed about transfer to city property of 49 objects, among which some the well-known Kronstadt forts and barracks constructions XVIII - XIX centuries. The authorities are going to make elite habitation of barracks.

Till 1998 Kronstadt was the closed city - the garrison, administratively subordinated to St.-Petersburg. Two years ago the strict throughput mode has been excellent to arrange in territory of island a zone of free economic development. The corresponding law of Petersburg was published in January, 1999. Kronstadt has had an opportunity to give to investors tax privileges - in particular, to release from payment of the tax to property and to give to them 80 - percentage privileges at profit tax payment. However tax indulgences have not brought lightning effect. Most investitsionno attractive objects of real estate - located in city centre and at coast ancient barracks, and also the well-known system of the Kronstadt forts - are in conducting the Minister of Defence, and it frightens off investors.
from the beginning of 2001 the city had own general plan of development till 2025. According to this document, more than 400 objects of real estate of the Ministers of Defence belonging to the Kronstadt base of the Baltic fleet, will pass inventory. Empty buildings of what now the majority, including ancient Petrovsky barracks and forts, will be transferred to the possession Petersburg. In committee of management of state property of Petersburg while vaguely represent, how it will be possible to a city to digest all volume of the Kronstadt real estate . According to the chairman of committee Valery Nazarov, on a place of the barracks located directly on external walls of a fortress with a kind on a gulf, it would be possible to place elite low habitation, and the Kronstadt forts to convert under yachts - clubs and hotel complexes. Inflow of investments should stimulate building here sea trading port which is conducted by the company Mobi Dik and a site of a ring highway which will pass on a dam connecting island with continent.
special hopes assign the regional authorities to an exit of the federal law About a free economic zone ` Kronstadt ` Which should expand considerably powers of regional administration regarding granting to investors of tax privileges. However in city administration about idea to give to Kronstadt the right to full self-determination are sceptical. The authorities of Petersburg consider, as are capable to solve problems of island with rich investment potential.

ANNA - NEVA, St.-Petersburg