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DaimlerChrysler financier Kerk Kerkorjan (Kirk Kerkorian
Under messages of news agencies; #000000 >   DaimlerChrysler loses shareholders
Under messages of news agencies, financier Kerk Kerkorjan (Kirk Kerkorian), owning the third on size corporation DaimlerChrysler share holding, has sold recently about half of share. To get rid of actions it has begun after declared intention to seize at the company of $8 mlrd as indemnification for the missed profit.

Sale of securities of mister Kerkorjana occurred in the conditions of privacy, and it is not known, when the first package in 6 million actions has been sold. It is known only that the second package, 10 million pieces, the businessman has sold on January, 12th at the price of 42 - 43 euros for the action. As a result from 33 million actions DaimlerChrysler (3,3 % of an authorised capital stock of the company) at it as inform the American sources, remains all 17 million (1,7 %). However, according to the Financial Times newspaper, mister Kerkorjan has sold all third of actions, having left itself of 2,3 %.
Kerk Kerkorjan, as well as many other investors, counted that after association of Chrysler with Daimler - Benz profits will increase, and Chrysler remains independent firm. However general director DaimlerChrysler of Jurgen Shremp (Juergen Shrempp) has begun global re-structuring of the American firm.
including Chrysler a pearl of the American autostructure it has gone on radical changes, without reckoning with that for two years the price of actions has fallen from $108 to $40. Mister Shremp ruthlessly replaced with the adherents of former heads of Chrysler. In it it was supported by two largest investors: Deutsche Bank and Kuwait Investment Authority.
According to mister Shrempa, time of the huge international concerns, capable to bear heavy expenses on introduction of high technologies has come: if ten years ago in the world there were 35 automobile companies now them remains 10 - 11. Calculation has been made that Chrysler occurrence in corporation as division (as Mersedes Benz and Mersedes Trucks) will allow to save billions dollars. In particular, mister Shremp has suggested to equip cars of Chrysler with engines Mersedes developed in the uniform engine-building centre. Jurgen Shremp assumes to spend within three years of $43 mlrd for working out and introduction of high technologies in manufacture of cars of Chrysler. In its opinion, it is necessary to change also marketing strategy therefore Chrysler position in the market of investments should become stronger, and its profitableness - to raise. Optimistical predictions of Jurgena Shrempa have started to justify already from the beginning of year. Exchange observers not without sarcasm notice that from the moment of sale of half of share by mister Kerkorjanom the price of actions DaimlerBenz has gone upwards, having made on January, 22nd $47,07. If it has suffered ten days would earn on $80 million more.