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The party alternative

Political parties laws becomes more and more
  Party alternative
Political parties laws becomes more and more

the State Duma Council has transferred yesterday consideration of the presidential bill About political parties since January, 25th for February, 7th. The extra time was required to deputies for studying of four alternative projects on the same theme. However, it is not excluded what to discuss these documents to the Duma it will not be possible and on February, 7th as for two weeks the number of alternative bills can grow even more.

After at a meeting with Vladimir Putin on December, 26th leaders of the Duma fractions have almost unanimously supported the presidential bill of parties, appear, that its acceptance will be now only a trick. Not to tighten the decision of this question, profile Duma committee on affairs of public associations even has suggested to reduce terms of consideration of the project and to take out it on plenary session already on January, 25th instead of planned before January, 31st.
however opponents partstroitelstva on - putinski nevertheless have found a way if and not to stop, then to brake victorious procession of the bill. According to State Duma regulations alternative projects should be considered simultaneously with the basic document. But before to bring of them for discussion, it is necessary to collect responses of fractions, committees and interested departments. And for this purpose time is required.
However, the first attempt to play Alternative card it is not has gone right: the head of committee of affairs of public associations Victor Zorkaltsev has refused to consider the bill introduced by Vladimir Ryzhkovym alternative, having referred that it covers much more a wide range of problems. The Duma council at the session has agreed on January, 16th with this opinion.
however dissenters have not surrendered, and to yesterday`s session of council of chamber the number of alternative projects has grown to four: the company to deputy Ryzhkovu was made by Victor Pohmelkin and Sergey Yushenkov (Union of Right Forces), Alexander Shishlov ( the Apple ) and Oleg Sheyin ( Regions of Russia ) . Under such pressure on popjatnuju deputy Zorkaltsev, suggested to consider all available bills has gone on January, 25th even. But authors of the alternative documents have opposed it already, demanded to give them time to have time to convince colleagues of the correctness.
the representative of the president in the Duma Alexander Kotenkov, according to participants of session, fought to the last, proving that new bills are not alternative and to postpone from - for them consideration of a presidential variant is inexpedient. But eventually and to it it was necessary to surrender. The new date of consideration However, appointed yesterday a party package hardly it is possible to consider definitive, after all to the beginning of February in the Duma there can be new variants of the political parties law.
authors of alternative bills in private conversations recognise that real chances of their acceptance are not present. After all for these documents will vote at the best friendly to authors of fraction (for example, right can support the text jablochnika SHishlova, and on the contrary) whereas the Kremlin variant at any deal will type demanded 226 voices for the account Unities the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the People`s Deputy . However alternativshchiki hope that discussion of their projects simultaneously with the official should raise a competition and promote improvement of quality of the presidential law.