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The Savings Bank does not correspond to antimonopoly inquiries

As it became known, the Ministry of an antimonopoly policy (MAP) has taken out about
  the Savings Bank does not correspond to antimonopoly inquiries
As it became known, the Ministry of an antimonopoly policy (MAP) has taken out the official prevention to the president of the Savings Bank of Russia Andrey Kazmin. Two months the bank monopolist of the country ignores requirements of antimonopoly body to give documents on the tariff policy. However and MAP do not intend to recede - if the prevention is ignored, the head of the Savings Bank is threatened with the large penalty and judicial proceedings with the ministry.

the Antimonopoly body has begun check of the largest bank of the country in the middle of November of last year. Then MAP has requested of the Savings Bank documents on which the tariff policy of bank is formed. The ministry intended to check up them about conformity to the antimonopoly law (informed on this decision MAPa on November, 17th). To give documents the Savings Bank should in twenty-day term. However has not made it. Under the official version of the Savings Bank, there was it because the inquiry has not reached the addressee .
In last dates of December the Savings Bank should report already by the second inquiry. However, as have declared in MAPe, from all requested papers in the beginning of year only accounting documents have been given. Refusal in opening of a regulation of a tariff policy has been proved by bank secret. MAP has considered that such behaviour of bank - a monopolist should be punished.
is not declaration of war to the Savings Bank and not the political order, - the head of department on competition protection in the market of financial services Sergey Dudkin has declared. Is legal requirement to help to understand why the key bank of the country sharply changes conditions of granting of services.
on Monday personally the prevention - the official form of an official penalty fixed in the Code about administrative offences has been sent mister Kazmin.

According to item 156, code item 1, for an information unaccordance to antimonopoly body to the responsible person is taken out the prevention or the penalty at a rate of six minimum wage rates (about 500 rbl.).

However to fine the head of Savings Bank MAP of the named code does not gather yet. The main standard tool of the ministry now - the law About competition protection in the market of financial services . And at its application the inattention to MAPu will cost dearer - in 200 minimum wage rates (about 17 thousand rbl.) .
Formally the prevention to mister Kazmin MAP could take out much earlier - after sending of the first inquiry. But Sergey Dudkin has decided to wait: we did not do it Of reasons of business ethics - hoped for understanding and cooperation. However there is an intention to go up to the end. The prevention will follow the instruction to bank and the penalty .
In a press - to Savings Bank service yesterday have declared that yet have no the information, whether mister Kazmin has received prevention MAPa. However, according to the source, the Savings Bank close to a management, all will dare peacefully, the Savings Bank does not intend to incite against itself antimonopoly body.