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Tom Hanks have expelled from a society

Today at a cinema Prague the premiere of a new film Robert Zemekisa
  Tom Hanks have expelled from a society
Today at a cinema Prague the premiere of a new film Robert Zemekisa (Robert Zemeckis) " will take place; the Derelict (Cast Away). This film more recently left in America and has more recently left the first place in ten cash hits. And played it modern Robinzona Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks) has just received a role the Gold globe and, so, is the powerful applicant on Oscar .

picture Action begins in Russia, in the Moscow branch of American post service Federal Express where Hanks`s hero tells off careless Russian employees. About it the deputy of State Duma Mitrofanov who has nailed a film the Armageddon was going to understand and with a picture of Zemekisa - whether it is necessary to let out in general it on our screens, so far as Russian are shown in it such unindustrious. Actually our compatriots, as well as always in the Hollywood products, are represented by such mythical characters of the fantastic country living under laws, inaccessible to pragmatical American mentality. the derelict is a fairy tale on a downtime, more precisely, how life learnt the hero to less stupid and utilitarian relation to time which it is impossible to lose. And it is quite logical to begin such fairy tale in Russia for in few places in the world people live with sensation that at them in a stock eternity.
Hanks`s hero is assured Of the beginning of a film that every second life should fill with socially useful acts as much as possible. He tries to introduce in slow Russia the American representation that the person - the owner of time, but the destiny punishes it for self-confidence: soon the plane on which it transports parcels, is wrecked over Pacific ocean. Accident is shown with terrifying credibility, and from this point on frightened spectator is tightly identified with the hero who has been thrown out on tropical island. Though any it, of course, not the hero, and pity enough Forrest Gamp in an extreme stage of confusion. A kind at it, as at engineer Schukin who has unexpectedly appeared naked on a ladder platform. Probably, it supposed possibility of such succession of events - but only theoretically. And here it in it, in this comical, improbable, dreadful position, absolutely one, how many neither run on coast and nor shout: There is here somebody?
Transfer of the name cuts an ear - at a word " a little; the derelict any vagabonds rejected by a society and other social turncoats are represented. Hanks`s hero is thrown out from life by forces not social, but karmic, disguised under the natural. Native, close and its colleagues not that have expelled that, and have simply hurried to strike off the list live in spite of the fact that the corpse has not been found, and have symbolically buried a coffin, in which each of them was put by any stuff: who a mobile phone, and who a tooth-brush. The girlfriend, without having trampled and steams of boots, has married the dentist. Time - that leaves, it is necessary to hurry up to live, instead of to wait missing persons.
having spent four years on desert island, the hero vaguely starts to guess that was not the owner of time, and its slave. Now - that at it this time as a dirt. You want - cocoes collect, you want - crabs catch, you want - fire extract a friction. podi it is bad. But all the same it does not leave attempts to reach any casual ship, and one of them is possible. Many critics leaving after a press - viewing, spoke: Yes well, and I would not float back . Hanks`s hero too would not float. He simply fondly thought that for it where - that still wait, and in any way did not assume that him will bury alive with such worthy Federal Express molnienosnostju. Then in the radiant ending it will begin new life with absolute zero.
but on island he has gained experience of a survival and one true friend - the volleyball ball of firm Wilson possessing rare ability to listen the interlocutor. Unfortunately, friend Wilson to the hero should be betrayed - almost the same as he was betrayed by the not waited relatives. After departure from island on a raft a ball has washed off a wave and has carried away in ocean. With bated breath and constraining tears, spectators watched, how the hero rushes about between a raft and a ball, understanding that if will reach Wilson back on a raft cannot already return. The self-preservation instinct, naturally, has won friendly feelings.
the Russian person (anyway,) would rush to cinema behind a ball and would go to a bottom together with it. But the person American though has become attached sincerely to a ball, too well understands that it only a thing which can be bought in shop (as the hero does in the end). Though it would be more effective, if it all - taki has met an old ball. Would go, for example, again to Moscow. Goes along the street, sees - Russian idlers in football play among the working day. Has looked narrowly: Ba, yes same old man Wilson! one of three balls used on shootings, by the way, has been sold at auction on the Internet for $18 400. It is pleasant to represent that this wild, but a wide act was made by the person in whom Russian genes have leapt.