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the Union of parents has legal proceedings with firm Liteks

the Militia has preferred to support businessmen

Public organisation the Union of parents ` We are to children ` has directed to arbitration court of Moscow the statement of claim about a recognition void contracts of subrent from joint-stock company Liteks . Claimants assert that instead of creation of the centre of adaptation of children - invalids as it has been provided by the lease contract, the firm has illegally placed the office and information centre on the area occupied with it.

In February, 1993 the Moskomimuschestvo has transferred in the order the Union of parents the second floor of a building in the street the Hook in long-term rent. Under the contract with MKI the union had the right to hand over the premises in subrent only to the organisations helping children - to invalids. In January, 1994 the former president the Union of parents Larissa Zelentsova has handed over a part of premises belonging to the union to firm Liteks engaged marks of cars. Under the contract, Liteks received 75 2 for creation of the centre of social adaptation of children - invalids and their families also was obliged to make repair of all premise.
however the adaptation centre Liteks did not begin to create, instead of it in premises have placed office of firm and information centre. Besides, after repair the area occupied Liteksom has increased to 100 2, and from union premises third has been repaired only. According to the vice-president of the union of Olga Belikovoj, they were frightened that up the time of the rent expiry of the term Liteks will simply grasp all second floor or in general will redeem it at MKI. Anyway, the Union of parents has hastened to terminate the lease contract in advance for what has addressed in court.
in the description of the director Liteks Igor Osipov the conflict looked a little differently. The union premise was in a deplorable state, and money for repair at public men was not. Therefore the president the Union of parents Larissa Zelentsova has offered Liteksu to lease an area part. Thus, according to Osipov, they were not going to organise at all the adaptation centre in a building where is not present either ramps, or the lift, hot water. The firm should make only repair and bring a rent for itself and for the Union of parents .
During repair the area Liteksa has increased, and Zelentsova has promised to Osipov to assign Liteksom superfluous metres. But at once after this disagreements inside " have begun; the Union of parents ended with change of the president.
with new the head of the union Nadezhdoj Levkinoj Osipov, as he said, has got acquainted in the beginning of this year. It has come to it together with delegation of parents and has suggested repair to stop, and instead to pay to members of the union every month on $1 thousand Platit Osipov did not become, but repair work, nevertheless, has suspended. Then the union of parents has informed in territorial administration Zamoskvorechye about infringement Liteksom the lease contract. There to the union have advised to solve questions at issue in arbitration court, but have promised to block possible attempts Liteksa to prolong rent. In turn support Liteksu has rendered the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow (the firm co-operates with this structure). In prefecture of the Central administrative district and municipality Zamoskvorechye letters have been sent, in which Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs has asked the city authorities to assign Liteksom occupied premises. Local authorities have not reacted to letters of militiamen yet, and The union of parents has hastened to address in arbitration court of Moscow with the claim about a recognition of the lease contract the void.