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The souteneur has got in hostages

In Yaroslavl the criminal case connected with kidnapping is considered. In a hall
  the Souteneur has got in hostages
In Yaroslavl the criminal case connected with kidnapping is considered. Hostages were visited by the local souteneur. Dissatisfied with quality of service clients demanded from it indemnification payment.

on April, 18th, 2000 Sergey Fedorov with the friend have addressed by phone in firm on rendering of intimate services and have invited the girl. It something was not pleasant to clients, and they have demanded replacement, thus without releasing the former prostitute and refusing to pay. To settle a conflict situation the souteneur with two security guards was. They have beaten clients and putanu have got out. But the conflict on it has not ended.
Soon Sergey Fedorov has decided to expose the account to firm on rendering of intimate services. He has called acquaintances - the security guard of one of Ivan Polozova`s local commercial structures, the forwarding agent of the publishing house the Owner Levana Mamporiju and officially anywhere not working Denis Tabakova for dismantlings with the souteneur. About o`clock in the morning they have come to apartment where that was, and $3 thousand to Souteneur began to demand from it as indemnification for the put insults and a beating threatened with murder, for bolshej persuasiveness have some times knocked on the head and have slightly strangled, having tightened on his neck female trousers. The souteneur tried to settle a situation the world and has suggested clients to use for nothing by services of its firm, but also it has not helped. Extortioners demanded money. They declared that take away from the souteneur the car of Toyota Sprinter and all documents on the car, having told that will return when that will give money.
Levan Mamporija has gone to drive away a foreign car, and Feodor`s extortioners, Tabakov and Polozov have jostled the souteneur in other car and have carried on Belinsky`s street. There the hostage have placed in a cellar of the private house. Then criminals have drunk and have fallen asleep. Having used it, the souteneur has escaped. Before it he has thrown copeck which has found at itself in a pocket on a floor. Thieves have soon arrested, and the copeck became a material evidence of that the hostage has really visited a cellar.
one of these days the Kirov district court of Yaroslavl has announced a sentence. For abduction, extortion and assignment of the car by defendant Sergey Fedorovu and Ivan Polozovu of a distance on seven and a half years of a colony of the high security, Denis Tabakov actively participating in beating has received eight years, and Levanu Mamporii have awarded five years of a colony. Firm in which the victim worked, on request of the authorities have closed.