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Struggle in the Russian market of metals

Trading group Trans World Metals

English trading group Trans World Metals possesses the difficult structure consisting of own divisions, dependent firms, partners equal in rights and the friendly companies. Therefore to estimate the real sizes of its business rather difficult. With 1992 - go for 1995 TWM worked in Russia through company Trans CIS Commodities registered in Monaco. Actively participates in privatisation of the metallurgical enterprises in all territory of the former USSR. To the beginning of 1995 TWM received already to 500 thousand t the Russian aluminium annually and was the shareholder of the enterprises making more of 1,4 million t of aluminium.
to privatisation udacham TWM it is possible to carry following companies: Sayansk aluminium factory (approximately 62 - 63 % of an authorised capital stock), Brotherly aluminium factory (30 % from UK), association Ferrohrom The Don GOK and Ermakovsky factory of ferroalloys (are transferred in control of the government of Kazakhstan), Gjandzhinsky aluminous factory (it is transferred in control of the government of Azerbaijan). Documents on transfer to trust TWM of Sumgaitsky aluminium factory prepare.