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Primortsy itself have frozen

Consider in the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“
  Primortsy have frozen themselves
Consider in the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“

on February, 17th Vladimir Putin and Michael Kasyanov have demanded from Anatoly Chubays to stop an energy crisis in Primorski Krai. And to find the guilty. Yesterday the vice-president of board of the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ Anatoly Kopsov who is responsible for crisis situations, has promised that on February, 1st crisis will stop. And for that it did not repeat any more, consumers - they in crisis will pay and are guilty.

Anatoly Kopsov - the eyewitness of crisis: on January, 24th it has returned from Primorski Krai where headed the commission of the Russian Open Society on crisis liquidation. Yesterday he named at once some reasons of a seaside energy crisis. Main - in low tariffs on elektro - and teploenergiju which since 1997 have grown only on 37 % while the prices for black oil and coal have increased in five - eight times. From - for it manufacturers of the electric power of joint-stock company “ Dalenergo “ and Joint-Stock Company “ LuTEK “ worked at a loss more than 12 % a year and could not support manufacture in working order. The situation became critical when in December have struck pjatidesjatigradusnye frosts, coal-mining manufactures of Siberia have lowered coal delivery, and governors of the areas next to Primorski Krai have forbidden coal export for the borders.
in crisis, according to mister Kopsova, have appeared inhabitants of Primorski Krai are guilty also. On its supervision, primortsy not only pay the underestimated power tariff, but also simply steal the electric power. By its calculations, in frosts they stole almost 1000 MVt a day.
yesterday Anatoly Kopsov has promised that by February, 1st crisis will end. He is assured of it, because has personally agreed with the Siberian governors to take off embargo on coal delivery in Primorski Krai. Besides, the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ will allocate money to the Luchegorsky coal cut money for equipment purchase to increase own coal mining with 12 - 14 thousand t to 22 - 25 thousand t a day. In total for struggle against Joint-Stock Company crisis “ LuTEK “ and joint-stock company “ Dalenergo “ will allocate about 500 million rbl. This money, according to mister Kopsova, the Russian Open Society compensates, having increased an investment component in a monthly fee. Besides, he has suggested to increase the power tariff and to inhabitants of Primorski Krai. Today the enterprises pay 63 copeck, and the population - 35 copeck Kopsov considers that to begin with it is necessary to increase the tariff for 12 % that power did not work at a loss.
in general, at Anatoly Chubays the report and to Vladimir Putin, and Michael Kasyanov is already ready.

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