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Photo in style light

Yesterday the architecture Museum has presented the next series of the project 24/ 24 it is sacred
  the Photo in style light
Yesterday the architecture Museum has presented the next series of the project 24/ 24 devoted to an architectural photo. Photographer Igor Mukhin shares with a series of works " the sight at a problem; Moscow light .

the Brand Moscow light invented by Igor Mukhin, probably, will disappoint admirers of a genre of an architectural photo. At least that from them the previous exhibitions of the project " arranged whom; 24/ 24 .
the Architecture in photos endeavoured to appear in pure if not to tell, the emasculated kind - Russian modernist style Yury Palmina, CHertanovo Igor Palmina, an ideological product - B.Illjuzija Boris Tombaka, emotion - the Melancholy Ilya Utkin, the concept - the Ostankinsky tower Sergey Leonteva. Photographers aspired portretirovat (or to document) architecture monuments. Cognizance process in these pictures became same exciting, as razgljadyvanie own image in the passport. Pictures foully give out ambitions of authors and in passing belittle advantages of the construction. Photographers of architecture try to be made even that to the painter - dissolving the image in a landscape with the draftsman - fixing details and proportions.
another matter - Igor Mukhin with the Moscow light flickering fires and flashing people. In its pictures to architecture it is assigned a part a scenery background without which the performance scene of action is difficult for defining.
the Smoking strip of a spike of the Ostankinsky tower carries out more likely a role of the signature with date instructions to a photo which protagonist is the tram at a stop in an environment of fussy and gloomy crowd. The maiden under an umbrella, hastening to run across on a traffic light on wet asphalt. Intense persons of journalists with notebooks in hands against nothing of outstanding structures of a Pushkin Square. The architecture in these pictures looks through through a prism of human vanity and as a result leaves such unostentatious as what and would like it to feel the inhabitant of a megacity. Igor Mukhin searches and finds that degree of carelessness of relations of the city environment and crowd which distinguishes resorts in a capital landscape. Overpopulated and embellished by new efficient architecture, Moscow really reminds today more likely a rest zone, than a heap of architectural monuments. Especially in the evenings or at night - at this particular time there was on shootings Igor Mukhin.
At a word ` light ` about forty values in the dictionary so my idea can be interpreted very freely - the photographer explains, obviously hinting, what exactly for freedom and ease wait today from a photo and from architecture.

the Exhibition is opened till February, 23rd.