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While against Presidential Administration not strongly rested

the State Duma considers guarantees to Boris Yeltsin
  While against Presidential Administration not strongly rested
the State Duma considers guarantees to Boris Yeltsin

Today the State Duma will consider in the second reading the bill About guarantees to the president of the Russian Federation which have stopped execution of the powers, and members of his family . About the basic changes in the document and chances of its acceptance in the second reading to correspondent SJUZANNE - FARIZOVOJ has told responsible for preparation of the document the vice-president of the Duma committee on state building VALERY GREBENNIKOV.

- What articles of the bill have caused the greatest disputes by its preparation for the second reading?
- Only two articles which were a stumbling-block right at the beginning: article about inviolability eks - the president and a question of more accurate definition of concept members of a family . However, last was gave to us rather easily: in one case in article we have made sending to the housing legislation (members of a family the spouse, children and parents are.-), in other - to the legislation on payment of pensions: in case of loss of the supporter members of a family eks - the president will receive monthly grants according to the Law on pensions. So podveshennost which was in a variant of the president, by us it is successfully liquidated.
as to article about inviolability and, in particular, attraction possibility eks - the president to a criminal liability we have solved this problem with bolshej loss of nerves. The committee has agreed that the president can be involved in a criminal liability, but only on representation of the public prosecutor and on motivirovannomu to the consent of both chambers of parliament. Both the State Duma, and federation Council should vote for this decision the majority from total number of members of chamber. That is we have kept the thesis about the immunity, extending on office and personal dwelling eks - the president, its communication facilities, the car, correspondence. But have added article on which inviolability of the president can be limited.
- the bill gives eks - to the president and members of his family weight of social and material privileges which become covered at the expense of the federal budget. Similar expenses, including for working members of a family of the president are how much defensible?
- in scales of Russia - expenses absolutely scanty. As similar privileges for a long time are given to state employees of a high rank and members of their families. For example, the ministers who have retired, and members of their families have the right to office transport, free health services. But we have cleaned the point giving protection to members of a family eks - heads of the state. It remains only in cases when the member of a family is near to eks - the president, but not in a separate order.
- why the committee has rejected possibility of distribution of the bill on the former president of the USSR Michael Gorbachev? After all many insisted on this decision?
- because Gorbachev - the former president of the USSR, and this project is devoted the former president of Russia. Guarantees to Michael Gorbachev - not a theme of this law. I have already suggested the made amendments to write the separate bill, which committee with pleasure will consider subsequently.
- what chances what the law will be accepted?
- to Worry especially there is nothing, as and with the representative of the president in the Duma Alexander Kotenkov all amendments have been co-ordinated with Presidential Administration. He personally under them has subscribed, though and routinely. However, recently I ear edge heard that with something he there does not agree, but I do not represent, with what is concrete. While against administrations not strongly rested. We too all have co-ordinated with fractions, and nobody will especially argue. Except unless communists who basically do not love Yeltsin and to everything that is connected with it, especially to granting of immunity and various privileges, concern, to put it mildly, negatively. However, in the first reading they have supported the bill, so with heavy heart can support and in the second.