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The Russian banker has appeared the Lithuanian swindler

Investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs has finished a legal investigation of the former head
  the Russian banker has appeared the Lithuanian swindler
the Investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs has finished a legal investigation of the former head of the Moscow commercial ground bank (MKZB) Andreas Nabelisa. Him accuse that in 1998 it has made and realised nothing the provided bills of bank for the sum over 24 million rbl.

To summer of 1998 MKZB actually became the bankrupt, and its founders have decided to correct affairs, having let out nothing the provided bills. But they have not wanted to risk and have decided to operate through the figurehead. In July, 1998 president MKZB has appointed the vice-president of board of bank of a certain Vladimir Safronov who a month later has replaced it on a post of the president.
bills MKZB were transferred in created by employees of bank commercial structures. And those paid off with securities for large parties of products, and also audio - and video equipment.
as the information that the bank was the bankrupt, carefully disappeared, the enterprises willingly accepted bills as payment, being are assured of liquidity of these papers. According to the investigation, from July till September, 1998 it has been realised not less than 100 bills MKZB for a total sum more than 24 million rbl. the Obtained means have been translated abroad.
frauds with bills proceeded until there was a financial crisis. Right after announcements of a default the majority of holders of bills have addressed in MKZB to extinguish them. Safronov at first promised that the bank will carry out of the obligations, but then began to avoid meetings with clients. In the beginning of September, 1998, and without having received money, holders of bills have written applications in militia. Then it was found out that papers have not been provided by initially anything - the bank did not have actives.
Safronov have detained on September, 18th directly in a study, and other participants of swindle managed to disappear. It was soon found out that the Russian passport at the president of bank false, and actually he is a native of Lithuania Andreas Nabelis. Accusation in manufacturing and sale of counterfeit securities in the large size, and also in use of the false passport has been brought to it.
to understand all peripetias of this business, it was required to inspectors about two years. The bill of particulars for the State Office of Public Prosecutor which then will direct it to court is already prepared.