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Vladimir Gusinsky`s partner

in St.-Petersburg has been arrested Last night Michael Mirilashvili &mdash is arrested; vitse - prez
  Vladimir Gusinsky`s partner
Last night in St.-Petersburg Michael Mirilashvili - the vice-president of the Russian branch of the World Jewish congress, the chairman of board of directors of Open Company " has been arrested; Russian video - 11 - j the channel entering into holding Media - the Bridge . Mister Mirilashvili could be involved in murder of two criminal authorities got mixed up in abduction of his father. With details - ANDREY - TSYGANOV.

On Tuesday evening the vice-president of the Russian branch of the World Jewish congress (the president of the organisation - Vladimir Gusinsky) Michael Mirilashvili employees of Severo - Western RUBOPa delivered in gorprokuraturu. On interrogation it was a question of the murder made in September of last year at hotel the Astoria . There in the opening day a round table devoted to problems of an investment policy in Russia, unknown have shot from pistols - machine guns the thief in the law Gochu Tsagarenshvili, authority Anzori Anguladze and the woman who has arrived with them. Mister Mirilashvili has declared that all suspicions in its address are groundless, nevertheless him have arrested for ten days without a charge presentation.
Under the source version in Office of Public Prosecutor, mister Mirilashvili was recently in working out of law enforcement bodies which suspected him of participation in threefold murder. On August, 7th the same year the gangsters who have been changed clothes for the militian form, had been stopped Lexus 300 car in which the father of the vice-president, too Michael Mirilashvili went. Unknown persons, threatening with the weapon, have grasped it in hostages, and the driver have released. However, and the hostage has been released already in a day. Michael Mirilashvili - the senior asserted that gangsters treated it kindly, have provided with kosher meal and necessary medicines. It has received freedom after they have learnt, whom exactly have stolen.
however soon after that employees RUBOPa had an information that for the captive the repayment in $5 million has been paid and as if Michael Mirilashvili - younger searches for organizers of abduction - members of one of the Georgian groupings, going to settle with them scores. Law enforcement bodies have ostensibly received acknowledgement of this information, investigating murder near the Astoria .