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the Lexicon has found the new owner

New life old the Lexicon

the Moscow company Arsenal has got at firm Microinform the rights to working out and sale of new versions of widely known domestic text editor the Lexicon . Thereby the program which its author Evgenie Veselov has refused even, has received new life, and in the Russian market software interesting precedent of buying up of a trade mark is created.

Difficult destiny
Destiny of the text editor the Lexicon - the most popular computer program created in Russia - never was simple and easy. Created in the beginning 80 - h years efforts of the enthusiast of one of institutes of Academy of Sciences of Evgenie Veselov, the editor has quickly received wide popularity, but actually has not brought to the developer anything, except moral satisfaction.
at that time market relations in the field of the software in Russia did not exist. Thousand science officers and state officials transferred each other copies of new versions the Lexicon free of charge, without reflecting on financial aspect of a problem. When in Russia the market software has started to be formed, Veselov has tried to organise sales of the program through one of business concerns - at first it was the Paragraph and then Microinform .
There is no saying, whether the cedation of the rights on " has brought to it; the Lexicon the big money. Taking into account revelry of a computer piracy in Russia it is not clear also, whether have received considerable means from sales of the editor firms. However it is definitely possible to assert that possession the Lexicon has given them quite concrete advertising benefits. After all today for hundreds thousand consumers in Moscow and regions Microinform is first of all the company which sells the Lexicon .
Alas, by the time of occurrence of conditions for sale the Lexicon in Russia it was found out that the century of the programs created by singles - enthusiasts, has come to an end. Software products became much more difficult, for their working out the big collectives of programmers with clear split of duties and the thought over schedule of work are required. All it Microinform could not provide, that is why the group of experts under the direction of Veselov continued the romantic and obviously unpromising fight with domination of import text editors, such, as Microsoft Word.
Terms of release of the new version the Lexicon Calculated on Windows environment, were repeatedly tightened. Competing American programs all became more perfect. Engaged in sales of the editor in Microinform Olga Dergunova has passed to work in Microsoft and soon became the head of the Moscow representative office. Has given up as lost the Lexicon and its author: Evgenie Veselov has left from Microinform in company IBS to be engaged absolutely in another matters. Gradually the Lexicon it began to be perceived as sound attribute of the past - something like the lamp receiver.

life after death?
the decision of the Moscow programmer firm " became Those bolshej unexpectedness; Arsenal to buy at Microinform the rights on the Lexicon and to present to this editor the second life.
Arsenal develops linguistic and accounting programs for Windows environment. For many of them presence on the text editor computer is required. The chief executive the Arsenal Dmitry Komissarov hopes that use of operating time already available for the company on Windows will allow to create the new version of the editor by November of this year without heavy expenses. As a matter of fact, it is not excluded that at all the program code old " thus will not be used; the Lexicon . In favour of this version says also that fact that Microinform will continue to extend old versions the Lexicon .
According to Komissarova, former developers the Lexicon for Windows have made a mistake, trying to create the program in heavy weight which would become high-grade competitor Microsoft Word. This prestigious plan hardly can be realised now in Russia.
new owners the Lexicon Have decided to transform it in the inexpensive editor average weight . This niche in the Russian market software is almost vacant today. Meanwhile 80 % of users Word use only 20 % of its possibilities, and more simple program quite would suffice them. And for simplification of interaction with received wide popularity in Russia Word new the Lexicon will possess possibility to read and write down files in its format. Commissioners hopes that its firm can agree with many Russian firms - red collectors about preset the Lexicon on their computers at the low price - we will tell, for $5. At the expense of great volume of sales it would bring to the Arsenal considerable incomes.
while it is not known, whether scale plans of the company will crown success. However that in the Russian market software precedent of buying up of a trade mark and the rights to the program is created is rather interesting. It testifies to market occurrence during a certain time of a maturity.
as a whole the situation reminds a plan of group of the American businessmen who some years ago have bought trade mark Packard Bell, the famous manufacturer of radio receivers in the pre-war USA to use it during new time as computer mark. The plan is quite daring: Packard Bell now confidently is in the lead in the American market of house computers.