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Gennady Troshev: we have copied all cemeteries

Losses of insurgents federal soldiers consider by quantity of fresh tombs on Chechen kladb
  Gennady Troshev: we have copied all cemeteries
federal soldiers consider Losses of insurgents by quantity of fresh tombs on the Chechen cemeteries. The commander of federal grouping GENNADY TROSHEV has told to the correspondent to OLGA - ALLENOVOJ that them every morning specially examine from helicopters. Besides, Troshev considers that Maskhadov is wounded, and Basayev, most likely, is live. Though also to it not pozdorovilos.

- Tell, Maskhadov is really wounded or it only hearings?
- There is data that is wounded. In - the first, local assert that saw it with the bandaged head and a breast, and in - the second, such conclusion can be made on Maskhadov`s telephone conversations. At it diction has changed and it makes impression of the confused person. In one of conversations he has told that its bodyguard is killed. Probably that the security guard was covered with a shell, and splinters has wounded Maskhadov (yesterday Maskhadov has declared: Messages on my wound is a misinformation of the Russian military men .-).
- And what with Basayev?
- I can tell nothing. Hearings were different: has died, it is operated, illness has become aggravated, the wound was tightened... In general while we will not receive authentic data, on anything we will not make comments.
- whence in general there is an information on losses of insurgents? They after all usually take away the killed?
- from local we learn. Here yesterday they to us have told that we for a day have destroyed 46 insurgents and 20 have wounded. Besides, we have copied all cemeteries and every day we receive the information on that, how many burial places were formed for a night. They after all basically bury at night. And morning of a cemetery flies about our helicopter, considers - and all information at us.
- and live insurgents how many?
- Yes who considered them? Though we know that they are even in Grozny. However, it is a little, the person 50. Changed clothes, hidden the weapon. But a city five commandant`s offices supervise, five ROVD, 300 posts... In mountains of insurgents about thousand one and a half. They there hire every day youth. Here Abu Movsaev killed recently. Has typed young growth, the person 60, and all of us have put them. Now, during special actions in mountains, we for a week have destroyed not less than 200 gangsters.
- It is said that insurgents are going to break in the next republics?
- they gather eight months. Today we are disturbed more by their penetration into the Chechen Republic from these republics - from Ingushetia, Dagestan, Georgia. Across Ingushetia, for example, they freely walk about. However, after destruction there columns of internal troops the local militia has a little begun to move.
- long still it is necessary to hold army in the Chechen Republic?
- yet we will not destroy all bandit groups. But also then here constantly remains 42 - I a motor-shooting division am 15 thousand persons. Except it in areas it will be deployed six more regiments.
- who here can be entrusted the power?
- I would give the word for mufti Ahmad Kadyrov. I saw his sons, its home guard, they are adjusted more than loyally. Not very well, in what role it to select and on how many - for a year, on half a year, for a transition period or it is constant. Kadyrov can supervise over the time Chechen government and call Chechens for struggle against gangsters. Only Chechens also can understand with them.
as to the others... Gantamirov, for example, can supervise over power divisions, but it not the politician. It the same soldier, as well as I. The others, like Sajdullaeva and Hasbulatova, have forgotten for a long time traditions, customs, people life, but the power wants., Of course, as well as to any Chechen, too it would be desirable Kadyrov the power, but I know, for that he from it waits. The main thing that it was in the blessing to the people.