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It is known, who has blown up the Volgograd soldiers

Only militia cannot remember it
  It is known, who has blown up the Volgograd soldiers
Only the militia cannot remember it

Operatively - an investigation team running business about act of terrorism in Volgograd when the column of soldiers has been blown up, it was possible to make identikits of suspects. The name of the executor of explosion is known also. Here only to detain them yet it was not possible. With details from Volgograd - MICHAEL - SERENKO.

As have informed in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Volgograd region, for fulfilment of act of terrorism in which result it has been killed two military men, and ten more are wounded, is searched 37 - the summer Chechen. It of a sports constitution, with long hands also it is disproportionate the big brushes. The surname of the suspect is not disclosed. It is known that it has already left Volgograd to Dagestan, the Chechen Republic or Kabardino - Balkariju. Field investigators say what to establish the person of the terrorist it representatives of the Chechen diaspora of Volgograd have helped.
identikits of two more Caucasians, probably, involved in explosion have been presented the public. Law enforcement bodies do not specify their remedial status, hinting that they can appear both witnesses, and accused. Under the operative data, these two still are in a city.
the correspondent has tried to find out, how their searches move ahead. It has appeared that at militiamen rather vague representations about those for whom they search. The most part of fighters patrol - sentry duty and employees of traffic police do not know or do not remember their signs. For example, militiamen from two dresses PPS which was on duty in city centre, could not describe the searched. And sergeants of traffic police have declared that at all did not see identikits. our business small: have told, catch Chechens, we catch, have told, stop dark ` the nine `, we stop - has noticed one of them.
On participation in act of terrorism the militia and Office of Public Prosecutor checks not only Caucasians. In operative working out there are all inhabitants of Volgograd and inhabitants of area who when - or served in sapernyh armies. Even having the concrete suspect, the consequence does not exclude that a bomb for Chechens could make professional army vzryvnik. And such professionals in the field of more two thousand.
meanwhile today expires the term, taken away to law enforcement bodies of Volgograd on investigation of act of terrorism by the plenipotentiary of the president in Severo - the Caucasian region Victor Kazantsev.