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the Big successes of the big style
the Big successes of the big style

In the USA proceed Bolshoi theatre tours. So high-grade trip for ocean (thirty five days, two full-length the ballet, five big cities) the Moscow theatre waited for the whole ten years. In 90 - m to America there went absolutely other troupe. As big in those days with good reason could be called as Grigorovich`s theatre: the repertoire was made exclusively by performances of the main ballet master, and the cohort of soloists was headed by his wife. Despite raznogolositsu in estimations of experts, tours made spectator success. However new invitations to America has not followed. It is clear that present tours have special value for theatre: Last summer Big not unsuccessfully tried to strengthen reeled prestige in an eurogroin (tours in London), the turn now has come to restore reputation behind ocean. The repertoire for tours has been chosen cleverly: the theatre has realised that in quality the card Grigorovich`s repertoire of thirty-year prescription any more does not pass, and more actual the Moscow ballet cannot brag of anything. Therefore Big has counted on older, still dogrigorovichevskie times .
In the USA have carried the main dramatic ballet of an epoch of a socialist realism - Romeo and Juliette Leonid Lavrovsky and svezheotdelannyj Quixote applying for returning to the primary source Mountain. This nachalovekovsky the ballet master was too the great admirer realism therefore Moscow Quixote considerably differs from the western colleagues. Those look like usual classical divertissements, we tries to tell a certain story and besides to fill more densely ispanshchiny . For what characteristic dances which in the West were not able to dance for ever are used.
Moscow arhaika has made due impression upon the American reviewers. Performances amicably praise both Washington Post, and New York Times, noticing that returning Big in ten years has filled a gap which so painfully was felt by the American public . Romeo and Juliette passes in quality the museum value of unusual scale based on a principle of drama realism which with such work is reproduced by modern actors . The elder nju - jorkskih baletovedov Anna Kiselgof along with Peter Williams`s scenery seriously and in detail assorts actor`s works in performance. Its colleague Saru Kaufman to original ecstasy was finished by tonic Nina Ananiashvili: In flying jumps of her foot cut space as scissors that became tremendous expression of its desire . America has seen in the Moscow troupe of change to the best. The verdict which has been taken out in Washington by leading newspapers of the USA, for certain will define success of tours Big and in other cities - Chicago, Seattle, Los - Andzhelese, Orandzh - Kaunti. But in July it is necessary to theatre one more examination: in nju - jorkskom the Lincoln - the centre before the American intellectual elite Big will present Giselle in Vladimir Vasileva`s interpretations and the extensive concert program.

Minkult and Alpha bank have found each other
Yesterday the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and Alpha bank have signed the cooperation agreement. It is a question of financial support of regional cultural programs. The first in the history of the Ministry of culture the agreement with large commercial bank declared on a press - conferences the minister of culture of the Russian Federation Michael Shvydkoj (on a photo at the left). Oleg Sysuyev, the first deputy of the chairman of board of directors of Alpha bank (on a photo in the centre), has specified that work with Minkultom was conducted for a long time already and the agreement is fixing of rules on which the parties will operate further. The vice-president of bank Alexander Gafin (on a photo on the right) has informed on display of performances - winners of competition the Gold mask in a number of regions, about exhibitions from a collection of the Tretyakov gallery and Russian museum. If to consider that in the federal budget expenses on culture about $150 million a year (are put according to Michael Shvydkogo) the Alpha bank spends for culture more than 2 % of the federal budget (about $4 million) in a year.

Self-service by Sholokhov
About award of the All-Russia literary award of a name of Michael Sholokhov, dated to 95 - letiju the writer, was informed by the chairman of the board of the Union of writers of Russia Valery Ganichev.
For the novel Neither a cross, nor a stone the award notes Omsk writer Michael Shangin, for activity on propagation of a creative way of Sholokhov - critic Valentine Osipov, for scientifically - prospecting and literaturovedcheskuju activity on representation of the public of the manuscript the Quiet Don - the former party literary critic and functionary Felix Kuznetsov.
the Sholohovsky award founded by the joint venture of Russia, is awarded since 1993. Valentine Pikul and Yury Bondarev, Sergey Vikulov and Evgenie Nosov, Anatoly Ivanov and Arseny Larionov, Anatoly Znamensky and Boris Kulikov, Victor Kochetkov and Timur Pulatov, and also other authors from among those who after reorganisation has appeared in the ultrapatriotic literary union were its winners.
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