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Deputies are opened for dialogue

Introduction split the excise on alcohol will force heads of subjects f
  Deputies are opened for dialogue
Introduction split the excise on alcohol will force heads of subjects of federation to remove restriction on alcohol import in regions and will allow legal manufacturers to force out from the market left vodka. Such opinion in interview to correspondent DMITRY - DOBROVU was stated by one of the basic developers of this offer, the vice-president of committee of the State Duma under the budget and taxes GENNADY KULIK.

- According to heads LVZ, the new scheme of collection of the excise opens ample opportunities for their non-payment. What do you think about it?
- In my opinion, on the contrary, such possibilities becomes less. Control over alcohol manufacture is now put very well, and it is possible to compare without problems volumes of output and realisations, and also to find out, the goods were shipped to what wholesale company. Thus, tax departments have possibilities to trace all deliveries. We suppose that any enterprises now have possibilities for illegal release of vodka, gluing on it of excise marks and realisation of this production at retail. However after to paste marks there are wholesalers, at the enterprise of such possibility will not be. In this situation he should agree already specially with the wholesaler. That is a problem of the enterprise working on the left considerably becomes complicated.
- your opponents assert that splitting of the excise will not find understanding at governors who are interested in normal functioning own The enterprises in which they have a share in an authorised capital stock. After all it is quite obvious that after occurrence in the regional markets of import alcohol loading of local factories will sharply be reduced...
- I would not like to contemplate this problem from the point of view of merging of manufacturers of alcoholic production and executive power. In my opinion, as soon as we will pass the law, these obstacles will disappear. All - taki responsibility of the power for execution of federal laws now considerably raises. And in general any bill infringes on someone`s interests. So here anything surprising is not present.
- But governors can not support your ideas proceeding from perfect other reasons. For example, from - that reduction of volumes of output on local LVZ will lead to problems with population employment.
- the greatest relative density in the vodka cost price has raw materials, the equipment, packing materials. And relative density of expenses of work is rather insignificant - it does not exceed 10 %. So I do not think that it is a real problem. And if the enterprise after receipt on the local market of import vodka has problems with sale - means, it needs to improve quality of let out production, to be engaged in manufacture modernisation, to reduce the prices and etc. All it is a normal competition from which consumers only will win.
- some operators of the market consider that the bill in any way does not consider those schemes which are used by wholesalers at goods sale. For example, the wholesaler gives the goods to the buyer for a consignment and pays thus the excise. Then goods part to sell which was not possible, comes back back, to a warehouse of the wholesaler. At the second sale of these goods the wholesaler again should pay the excise?
- all these subtleties are registered in the law on the VAT. Therefore when we will consider the law on excises, we necessarily use available operating time. Eventually, all deputies who are engaged in preparation of the new law on excises, are opened for dialogue, and representatives of the companies can discuss with them all arising problems.
- what do you think of idea of carrying over of all excise on spirit?
- that spirtproizvodjashchie the enterprises paid all excise which goes from alcoholic production, considerable financial resources are necessary for them. And they at distilleries now are not present. Means, we will face deficiency which can lead to sharp increase in import of cheaper spirit from Belarus and Ukraine. Meanwhile now spirit import is almost equal to zero. So to change an order of payment of the excise for spirit I now did not become. Probably, with reference to spirit first of all it is necessary for us to understand with quotas which receive not having any relation to vodka manufacture of the enterprise, beginning from the State Office of Public Prosecutor and finishing any institutes. When I was vitse - the prime minister, I very often had to confirm limits on spirit. And, as a rule, the argument for spirit reception was same: When - that spirit to us allocated the State Planning Committee, therefore and now you should us allocate it . Here again it is necessary to understand very seriously to create obstacles for similar squandering of raw materials.
- when, by your estimations, the State Duma will start consideration of the split excise and whether it will be approved?
- I think, the question with excises will be considered till the end of this session. After all the government is going to cancel the road tax, and it is necessary to compensate something budget losses. In this situation, without having solved a problem with excises, the government cannot simply make the budget project for 2001. I hope that deputies will approve offers on splitting of the rate of the excise.