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Direct speech

the Government has made to the amendment Duma in the Administrative code, supposing up
  Direct speech
the Government has made to the amendment Duma in the Administrative code, supposing the alcohol use at the wheel. Blood alcohol content should not exceed 0,2 promille (it is a beer bottle). For Russia - a revolutionary innovation.
you with drunk kissed ?

Tatyana Tolstaja, the writer:
- In the USA I kissed someone at ice and sober. Me and in a tube did not ask to breathe. There the one is always guilty who behind. And at us it is guilty, it is not guilty - to drink do not can! And all are nervous. And we, what, not people? I prefer to drink and go silently easy. And how to live without it?

Irina Saltykova, the singer:
- If the person has drunk a wine glass with it to kiss pleasantly. And if it native, though five glasses. And with cars - managed, though got into the car slightly drunk. In general, I do not see a problem that will allow to drink a little to drivers.

Valery Gonchar, the chairman of the council of Incorporated industrial bank:
- I why - that more than drunk GAI officers met. Once one such extorted from me money. But I struggled up to the end, and it have dismissed. Usual drunk too suffices, and indulgences in it it is impossible to do. We not Europe, we - others. Why it is necessary to imitate in it to Europe?

Vitaly Zhdanov, the taxi driver:
- I Stand on a traffic light, nearby Volga with dipnomerami and Zhiguli . On green we on the sly speed up, and suddenly before us through a continuous line for the speed is developed militian a goat . Without a siren, povorotnikov. We three together ran into it, the diplomat is the strongest. From a goat three drunk goats in the militian form have dropped out and not at once have understood, where they. The diplomat has caused by a traffic police mobile phone, those have made the report. We had legal proceedings year, and us, three drivers of different cars, recognised as guilty. Perhaps the militia for itself also punches these amendments?

Alexander Lopukhin, zamgeneralnogo directors of the company Aeroflot :
- When I worked in London, we at office have hung up the table in which it has been specified, what dose of alcohol at what weight through what time disappears. Also lived under this table. And in Russia and so drink at the wheel as punish.

Vladimir Voinovich, the writer:
- Recently me have just punished for it. Therefore I would resolve reasonable consumption of alcohol. And that there has gone the person on wedding and has not drunk. It is cruelty any - absolutely gramme. All the same all break.

Alexey Binetsky, the lawyer:
- Did without consequences though and time and again got into the car, having drunk a wine-glass - another. But in Russia. When worked in the USA, to me it and did not come to a head. There, if that, informs for work, in the insurance company which considerably will raise to you an insurance payment for the car, for the medical insurance and other. If at us this innovation will be followed by a complex of the same measures, I for . The person should have choice, comprehension of and consequences.

Andrey Silin, the engineer on safety of a taxi pool #7:
- For a long time did not see the drunk taxi driver at the wheel. People on work, earn money and to risk place loss not begin. Now on the average across Russia in road accident 30 thousand persons perishes. If to resolve any consumption of alcohol the figure will double. I categorically against such innovations.

Stanislav Golubev, the chief of a column of taxi park #4:
- I 54 years at the wheel, by youth everyone happened. And now-. At me the salary of 1200 roubles how I can risk? Drunk taxi drivers only in jokes happen. Certainly, on its line, the rascal, it is difficult to track down. But appear a suspicion shade - at once we throw out for gate. And let these enter promille, not terribly. For all the taxi driver answers.

Alexander Fedorov, the editor-in-chief of magazine the Autopilot :
- Even now it is a shame to me to remember that I have been compelled to sit down for a wheel, having drunk alcohol. Thank God, happened nothing. It is convinced, this civilised measure yet for us. Also I am afraid that people do not represent, what it will be a problem. Now all is simple: saws - did not drink. And when dispute for percent will begin, it will generate terrible corruption. References to the West are simply insolvent.

Yury Samojlenko, the head of representation of Nissan Europe:
- I long lived in the USA, went in restaurant, drank, and all was normal. But there movement predicted, is easy to drive the car. In Russia it is difficult to go even sober so what for to complicate life? One of these days I have left the car on a roadside when has come, have seen the destroyed back. Sober such arrival would not make.

Andrey Sokolov, the actor, the director:
- It is a shame to admit, though in these cases I included an emergency signal also went no more than 40 km at an o`clock. And recently went from tours from Tula and at the gas station has seen a fine jeep with absolutely drunk driver. I have pulled out keys from ignition, have put them in a luggage carrier and have left a note. While I have refuelled, have drunk coffee, the hero has had time to drive off on five hundred metres and to embrace a column. After that shows I zareksja to sit down drunk to a wheel.

Victor Yerofeev, the writer:
- Resolve at us a wine-glass - on a bottle will drink. Do not resolve - will drink all the same. To be afraid, but to break. And still it is not known, from what there are more than failures: that the driver simply having drunk, or that it is nervous, being afraid of GAI officers. If we do not resolve this civilised norm, so never and we can not live normally.

Egor Konchalovsky, the director:
- Both hands I for this innovation. Eventually, it is a choice. And in life there are different cases. And the drunk drivers are dangerous from - that try to discover eyes of GAI officers more, instead of watch road.

George Tishchenko, the general director of the company Ritual - service :
- I do not know any person who would not sit down to a wheel, having drunk alcohol. It did time and again and still I will sit down, as happens that it is necessary to drink. But drunk I never go, it is rigid. At mine of 110 kg of 100 grammes of vodka not a dose. I and from a floor - litre do not get drunk - such organism. And nevertheless at today`s realities I against to legalise alcohol at the wheel.