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Sabonis has played for a two

the Short vacation caused by carrying out of the Match of all stars, a little that have changed in
  Sabonis has played for a two
the Short vacation caused by carrying out of the Match of all stars, a little that have changed in alignment of forces in NBA. On - former struggle for the first place in the regular championship of league conduct Portland trejl blejzers and Los - Andzheles lejkers . A unique surprise: portlendtsev behind themselves not former leaders - Skotti Pippen and Rashid Wallace, and Arvidas Sabonis now conduct.

In NBA it is considered that after the Match of all stars and small rest accompanying to this grandiose show the championship as though begins anew. Often in the history of league during this period to clubs there are surprising metamorphoses: grandees, whose stars participated in various competitions in the program uik - enda, braked, and serednjachki and outsiders, on the contrary, improved the position in standings.
this time as Americans like to be expressed figuratively, has woken up in February only one command - Phoenix sans . However, launch arizontsev in any degree has been expected.
waited for it at least because such balanced, without weak places structure, as at Phoenix three can brag, perhaps, more - four clubs of league - no more. At Sanz there is reliable centre Ljuk Longli whom some years have won back in great Chicago bulls Michael Jordan`s times; there are two excellent productive forwards - That Gugliotta and Kliff Robinson; there is, at last, unique defender Jayson Kidd. It is unique because to this basketball player really is not present equal in NBA on universalizmu: Kidd is able on a platform literally all: both to hammer, and to assist partners (by quantity of goal passes it the best in league), and, at completely not huge growth, is not worse others centre to do selections. Not casually brightest player Phoenix is the champion of NBA by quantity tripl - doubles that is matches which it has finished, having two-place figures on three game indicators.
but in first half of season southerners, to put it mildly, did not shine. Owners of club, probably, were right, when have considered that with fault to all the trainer, and in the middle of December have replaced Denni Ejndzha with Scott Skajlza. Their sights at basketball basically coincide that it is no wonder: both Ejndzh, and Skajzl in the recent past were playing and have finished career approximately at the same time. Nevertheless at the new instructor of business have gone much better.
In February Sanz in general amazes with game. Here already seven matches successively arizontsy do not know defeats, and two last victories of club are rather indicative. At first Phoenix has crushed the last year`s champion the Dignity - Antonio spers which, truth, left on a platform without injured leader Tima Dankana. And on Tuesday solar the command has defeated utterly Denver naggets . Not so much fact of the next success " is characteristic; Phoenix how many an abacus on a board after game. Denvertsy for 48 minutes have managed to type only 67 points that for NBA a rarity!
the adjusted game in protection and the trainer, and basketball players Sanz explain club launch. defence always was a key to victories in NBA, - tells Skajlz. - It - the most difficult component of basketball. We have spent a lot of time for putting protection in order, and eventually this work began to bear fruit. Well, and with an attack at us and so all was normal .
By the way, in NBA there is one club which victorious series on one match is more long at present, than at Phoenix . It Lejkers at which again has found the optimum form of Shakil About ` Nile. However to overtake Portland - the basic competitor in struggle for a title of the winner of the regular championship - kalifornijtsy cannot in any way. And it in spite of the fact that at Trail blejzers not in the best way black celebrities - Pippen, Wallace and Smith in the winter look, and the playing Damon Stademajer has passed some meetings from - for traumas.
now stability pledge Portland there was Arvidas Sabonis. This season first developed at all how it would like. In general - that if to start with the individual statistics of the legendary Lithuanian, it was for it the worst since in 1995 Sabonis has got to NBA. Till February Arvidas typed for a match on the average less than ten points - in one and a half time more low, than earlier. Conversations have gone even that the Lithuanian is already too old for fast and power American basketball.
however when for portlendtsev there have come hard times, Sabonis has proved that it on - former the player of the highest class. Simply when in shape there were Pippen and To , Arvid did not have a necessity to take game on itself. When it was required, Sabonis has begun to shine, as in former years. In four of last five matches Trail blejzers Sabonis became the most productive player of club, typing on 20 points for a meeting. Not casually today the Lithuanian name among the main applicants for a rank of the strongest basketball player of month. However, compliments of the press and fans, seemingly, not too excite Sabonisa. for me personal achievements, and a place which is occupied with my command " are important not; - as always, he has laconically commented on flatter responses of partners and journalists.