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In the European championship five gold medals will run about young

the Minimum Russian national team on startujushche
  In the European championship will run about young
five gold medals Russian national team on starting in Gent (Belgium) the winter European championship on track and field athletics expects to receive tomorrow the Minimum. On three previous superiority of continent spent since 1966 of time in two years, Russians have won in total 13 higher awards.

Practically right after the European championship the track and field athletics match of six commands in Glasgow will begin (national teams of five European countries and a command of stars of other world will take part in it; the winner will define on the typed points). Special hopes of these two tournaments the head coach of our command Valery Kulichenko recognised the best trainer of Russia of 1999 connects with runners, jumpers and throwers. I consider that in Gent on two ` gold ` on forces to win to runners on average distances and to jumpers at length and height, on one - to sprinters and throwers. As to a match in Glasgow German athletes " become the main contenders of Russians, as always;.
last before flying away to Gent training gathering, however as well as two previous in this season, our athletes have spent not on dilapidated Olympic base in Podolsk, and in uchebno - the training centre of the Olympic preparation in Novogorske. Than, by a recognition both sportsmen, and the president of the All-Russia federation of track and field athletics Valentine Balahnicheva, all remained are very happy. Our centre which after disorder of the USSR we did not become aktsionirovat, and it and remained state, basically, meanwhile is not adapted for specialised preparation of athletes, - director UTTS ` Novogorsk ` Vladimir Osipovich has told. - But even in spite of the fact that they had to go daily on trainings on CSKA stadium, all other complex of services - from residing and a high-grade food in new mountain hotel to health services and restoration in ours pool and a sauna - we have given to them at good international level. And this with the fact that under the contract concluded between the centre and the Ministry of sports on all Preolympic cycle, cheloveko - day on our base manages to the ministry of an order of 600 roubles . By the way, actually centre profit novogorsk from each rouble makes only 4 copecks.
the Structure of Russian national team of Kulichenko defined proceeding from results of January national championship in Volgograd - the sportsmen who have executed so-called Olympic specifications have entered into a command. Naturally, the majority of the Russian stars prepare for the Sydney Olympic Games under individual schedules and in Volgograd did not act. Therefore vacancies in a national team which will go to Gent and Glasgow, the youth (has occupied basically all in our command of 55 sportsmen, 90 % from them - yesterday`s juniors). From known athletes the Olympic champion of 1992 and the world champion will act for Russian national team in shot put Svetlana Kriveleva, the champion of Europe in run on 400 m of Ruslan Mashchenko and the world champion in relay race 4400 m Natalia Nazarov.
according to Kulichenko, from participation in the summer championship of Russia where the Olympic structure of a track and field athletics national team will be defined, three are released only: The champion of the Olympic Games - 96 and the world Svetlana Masterkova (800 and 1500), world champions Ilya Markov (sports walking) and Vyacheslav Voronin (height).