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Victim of act of terrorism Tenants of one of houses of Volgodonsk injured with act of terrorism threaten the mayor with starvation

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  the Victim of act of terrorism threaten the mayor with starvation
Tenants of one of houses of Volgodonsk injured with act of terrorism, declared termless hunger-strike. The authorities have repaired their house, but people have refused to be installed in it, having demanded to give them new apartments. With details - TATYANA - TCHERKASOV.

As a result of act of terrorism which has been made in September of last year on October highway of Volgodonsk, 17 persons were lost and more than 100 have been wounded. 57 buildings have suffered from explosion. To tenants of the house 35 near which the Chechen terrorists have left the car with an explosive and which has been damaged most strongly, have given new apartments, and in the next house 35 have decided to carry out major repairs.
tenants have for a while settled out in hostels and hotels. However, when repair has ended, to come back in the house they have refused. Have pitched near it tents and, having written on posters we do not want to be tenants of the house - a phantom! have begun a protest action.
the tenants of 19 apartments participating in the action, insist on granting of new habitation by it. we agree and secondary fund, - they speak, - to live in old apartments it is impossible. In the house constant faults with water, the sanitary technician it is faulty, and through cracks it is possible to look at street, as in windows .
In a frost and a rain they by turns spend the night in tents, being warmed by fire burzhujki . Tenants 1 - go, the most damaged entrance of this house Now protest. Its two inhabitants, Elena Goncharov and Elena Ovcharova, have gone on hunger strike. Starve the ninth day. They have gone on it with despair. In two-room apartment Goncharovoj in which she lives with the daughter, after repair on walls and a ceiling there were cracks. Not in the best condition and Elena Ovcharovoj`s apartment, mothers of four children. Ovcharova - the invalid of the second group and hunger-strike transfers hard. By the way, at first participants of hunger-strike was three, but at the third, Ljubovi Posohovoj, has become aggravated a heart trouble, and it has been compelled to interrupt the action. Casually or not, but her husband just has got at this time on work under reduction.
we struggle not only for the habitation, and for all house, - Elena Goncharov speaks. - how convinced us of reliability of the house after repair, to live in it we do not want .
Recently participants of the action met the mayor of Volgodonsk Sergey Gorbunovym who has told it that the federal government is going to allocate for a recovery work in a city of 280 million roubles. However next day after that visit tenants of the suffered house have received from zhilotdela goradministratsii the answer: money for purchase and building of habitation is not present. In the initial estimate on liquidation of consequences of act of terrorism it has been put 5 million roubles, and these means are settled for a long time.
local authorities name Elena Goncharov signing all complaints and the references, the provoker. It is necessary women hardly, and they are already ready to stop hunger-strike if at least someone from tenants receives apartments.
at the Volgodonsk administration the sight at this conflict. The house 35 was surveyed by experts of three project institutes (Volgodonsk, Rostov and Kiev) and have considered suitable for residing. Agency examination on monitoring and forecasting of emergency situations of the Ministry of Emergency Measures also has shown that the deviation of characteristics of the house from norm does not exceed 10 %, and it means suitability of a building for residing after repair. Besides, even if money for new habitation will be, the mayoralty of Volgodonsk is afraid of chain reaction: when participants of the action will receive new apartments, hunger-strike can declare inhabitants of other houses injured with act of terrorism.