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Lions have won eagles

By means of judges
  Lions have won eagles
By means of judges

On Sunday in capital of Nigeria Lagos the Cup of Africa on football has come to the end. In the ending owners were resisted by a national team of Cameroon which has won the match which has come to the end with scandal, and became the strongest team of Black continent.

it is possible to name the Cup of Africa safely one of the funniest and amusing tournaments in a planet. It concerns all - to the organisation, actually qualities of football and in general that occurs before and after matches.
how Africans play, it is not necessary to remind. We will tell only that if the account even 3:0 for ten minutes up to the end, it does not mean at all that the match and will end. The command conducting in the account, can run with its full complement easily to another`s collars, having spat on the goalkeeper. Sometimes they manage to hammer still in a couple, and sometimes to pass three.
or to whom in Europe will come to mind to deprive football players of freedom only because they, according to the heads, badly play. And after all so have arrived from a national team the Cat - d ` Ivuara: it with its full complement - with trainers, doctors masseurs and even cooks - have locked on military base. There football players, probably, have passed a short course of drill which, according to the authorities, should teach to respect them fans.
and the most unfortunate people on the Cup of Africa is, probably, trainers and shamans of commands (yes - yes, sorcerers with drums and in feathers are fixed practically to each national team). The matter is that them change directly on a tournament course. Has not avoided a similar fate and the known French expert Anri Michel training the Moroccan national team.
But sorcerers sorcerers, and you are not able if to play, nothing will help. So that in the ending national teams of Nigeria and Cameroon have made the way, - is quite natural. Whatever you may say, and these commands always set the fashion in Africa.
the ending promised to become the present fight and has quite justified expectations. At Cameroon and Nigeria a special abacus in all that concerns football. These commands converged already in a cup-final of Africa in 1984 - m and 1988, and both times were won by Cameroonians. It in Nigeria, of course, have not forgotten and demanded a revenge. It was especially probable that Nigerian to Supereagles it was necessary to play with violent support of the tribunes.
but the African football is nevertheless the African football. Already to 31 - j to minute the visitors, which else name Unrestrained lions have moved with the account 2:0. On serious tournament to recoup at such account extremely difficultly. But it does not concern the Cup of Africa. Nigerians have jumped to hammer and have driven - taki two balls in gate of contenders - at the very end of the first and the beginning of the second of times. As to a national team of Cameroon it could remove all questions during the basic time, but did not carry. Cameroonians have missed weight of possibilities for a capture of gate. It is enough to tell that twice the ball got to a crossbeam.
anyhow, business has reached to poslematchevyh a penalty in which visitors were more successful. And has not done without the help of the judge. The fourth odinnadtsatimetrovyj at owners was beaten by Victor Ikpeba. The player Dortmund Borussia has struck strongly, the ball has got to a crossbeam, has hit about the earth already behind a line of gate and has taken off in the field. But, as it was found out, the Tunisian referee Murad Daami, lajnsmen Tofik Adzhengi did not look, where the ball flies. Their attention has been concentrated on Ikpebe. As a result thanks to a judicial error of Kumerun has won.
after a match the games annoyed with an outcome Nigerian fans have arranged small uproar. Timely intervention of police has not allowed to turn to serious disorders to it. To disperse crowd, it was necessary to do some shooting only in air and to apply a few tear gas - that to hot African guys business habitual. As policemen spoke, they with pleasure would join fans. after all a victory at us have stolen - the colonel of the police, wished to remain the unknown person has noticed.