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Wounded soldiers want back

If in the first months of war in Mozdoksky military hospital arrived basically
  Wounded soldiers want back
If in the first months of war in Mozdoksky military hospital wounded soldiers and officers now from the Chechen Republic here bring basically the freezed and sick fighters arrived basically. After recover they are going to return for war. Not because there pay, that is why much that want to be near to companions, which finish reptiles . The hospital was visited the correspondent by OLGA - ALLENOVA.

When I have arrived to hospital, in a reception was all three wounded men. Earlier, according to doctors, daily brought the person 50 - 60. The helicopter pilots collecting wounded men in all places of operations, very much love Mozdok, - the chief of hospital the colonel of a health service Vladimir Suhomlinov explains. - Probably, because here good airdrome. Therefore to our hospital ` has carried ` - these five months loading was simply mad. Doctors slept sometimes all on three - four hours a day .
These three fighters have forwarded in Mozdok by the helicopter from military hospital in Hankale. The very young soldier to whom the bullet has got to a head, it is indifferent looks at physicians. They try to learn, what is his name. Its documents are not present - the soldier have taken out from a front line directly from - under bombardment. The second with wound in a breast already prepare for a course of intensive therapy in resuscitation. The third, military driver who apparently has got to road accident, unlike two others looks not bad. Doctors promise to put quickly it on feet.
wounded men became less, but the number of patients of hospital does not decrease. Now sick soldiers and officers (such in hospital already 500 persons) here arrive. Diseases the most various: from a flu to the started suppurations.
problems with medicines are not present. It is possible to buy even very expensive threads for sewing together of vessels. Means are allocated with the Ministry of Defence. And here doctors - just barely enough. Now in hospital of 70 physicians, basically sent from Moscow and Petersburg. Colonel Suhomlinov answers a question why states are not completed, so: Mozdok - a city small, frontier. From here inhabitants, basically experts for a long time began to leave. Even in local hospital of a problem with shots. And at us and for a long time. I more than once said that privileges that we though could involve with it people " are necessary for civil employees of hospital;.
the hospital will test the Greatest difficulties with the beginning of a withdrawal of troops from the Chechen Republic when will leave and the sent experts military - medical academies. Thus works at mozdokskogo hospitals it will not be lowered, after all in the Chechen Republic there are divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Remain there and gangsters.
that this war for a long time, the younger sergeant 51 - go air - a landing regiment Alexey Efremov wounded in a hand near to Vedeno is convinced also. it was necessary to take a skyscraper, - Alexey tells. - our platoon has gone forward, around - a fog, it is visible nothing. And for us already waited: only we have begun lifting, as on us sharahnuli from a grenade cup discharge. We have lost two killed. Two children have been strongly wounded, to one has torn off a hand. To me has carried, wound in a brush . Alexey shows to me 1,5 - the centimetric splinter taken from his hand. Also adds: I do not want to sit in hospital, I want to return to the children - to help to finish off reptiles .
to Return to the Chechen Republic contract employee Victor Permjakov who has received cheljustno - an obverse trauma wants also. On the first Chechen war it have wounded in a breast then it has spent five months in hospital. And here it has again appeared on a hospital cot. after fights for Grozny our part have thrown in Argunsky gorge, - Permjakov tells. - We have occupied height behind Oak village - yurtas, the company has left forward, and we remained to supervise height. In the night from mountains insurgents have gone down and have shot us from machine guns . Victor says that in mountains soldiers are in the hardest conditions: there is no hot meal, there is no water, and that at insurgents a good uniform and the weapon. but all of us will equally win - he is assured.
for doctors death of each soldier the present state of emergency. But with a special pain here remember the private soldier (physicians do not know his name) who has got to hospital from the Chechen captivity and has died on an operational table. It was found out that it became the captive of insurgents, having got wound in a stomach in one of fights. even wounded, it continued to be shot to last cartridge, - physicians speak. - the real hero. Likely, therefore Chechens did not begin to finish it. Their surgeons have performed it operation in field conditions. But it is unsuccessful. Inflammatory process " has begun;.