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Russian design of stuffed animals and dovecots

the Main hits of an exhibition of Olga and Alexander Florensky, with the notice passed in to
  Russian design of stuffed animals and dovecots
the Main hits of an exhibition of Olga and Alexander Florensky, with the notice passed in the end of the last year in Russian museum, now it is possible to see in Moscow, in Gelman`s Gallery. Artists continue to develop idea Russian design . This time a subject of their improvements of a steel of a stuffed animal of animals (Olga Florensky`s project Taksidermija ) and every possible country constructions (Alexander Florensky`s project the Restrained architecture ) .

it is difficult to Gelman`s Gallery to compete to the Marble palace as regards exhibition spaces, therefore artists had to press down big personalku till the sizes of the digest.
nevertheless even in such truncated variant the exhibition makes impression surprising good quality of execution and really the encyclopaedic approach of authors to the decision of tasks in view. Apparently, artists have spent a lot of time in libraries and museums, collecting a material on the selected theme. Olga Florensky has written the whole scientific treatise about art taksidermii (manufacturing of stuffed animals) with classification and historical examples. Alexander Florensky has done the same with architecture of small forms - from beehives and dovecots to park arbours and country toilets.
these researches placed in an exhibition catalogue, in itself can be considered as works of art. However on it Florensky have not stopped, having drawn from them corresponding design conclusions. Olga has developed technology of stuffed animals new generation at which manufacturing the present animals are not used. The artist acts from positions Green Peace condemning killing of smaller brothers to please to strange human whims. Thus its non-polluting whales, dogs, birds and the crocodiles collected from pieces of wood, metal, a fabric, leather thongs and electromotors, considerably surpass traditional stuffed animals in the funny nature.
Alexander Florensky stands up for oblagorazhivanie country landscapes. He suggests owners of six hundred parts to use classical architectural forms for modest household needs. For example, to arrange shower in the form of Tour d`Eiffel or a toilet in the form of the Egyptian pyramid. Drawings with detailed instructions and separate pre-production models (for example, the Mast for flag maintenance in working order With the fan or the Tower for manufacture of fireworks ) are applied.
projects Florensky can be considered in different planes. And it is simple as amusing attractions. And as refined postmodernist toys where the quantity of citations passes in quality. But it seems that the most correct will believe to artists and to consider them as rather perspective variant Russian design a patriotic mite in campaign for support of the home producer. Let and addressed to handicraftsmen - to the singles, the anxious device of the vital space more than destiny of the national industry. Why - that seems that such odd fellows at us will be typed much.

the Exhibition will last till March, 12th to the address: M.Poljanka`s street, 7/ 7.