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Three and a half gold medals

were won by the Russian figure skaters in the European championship
  Three and a half gold medals
the Russian figure skaters in the European championship

the Forecast of Federation of figure skating of Russia has appeared exact: on the European superiority in Vienna our figure skaters have won three gold medals from four possible. More truly, three and a half because in sports dances the first place was occupied with the former Russian Marina Anisina together with Gvendalem Pejzera.

such curious fact testifies To the overwhelming superiority of the Russian school of figure skating at continental level at least. Last time without gold in one of kinds citizens of Russia remained in 1996: Then man`s driving was won by Ukrainian Vyacheslav Zagorodnjuk. And in Vienna our national team could show absolute result, participate in the championship Anzhelika Krylov`s dancing duet - Oleg Ovsyannikov. Sports dances - unique discipline in which the Russian figure skaters have disappointed. All - taki in it we always were fashion-makers. And in the present championship, for the first time for 32 years, any our duet has not got to a three of prize-winners.
However, for the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that Anisina with Pejzera today both at public, and at that is much more important, arbitrators, world champions are quoted not more low, than. And in view of absence in the Austrian capital Krylovoj with Ovsyannikov, competitions for French - the Russian duet in general have turned in some kind of good warm-up before the World championship in Nice. Any program under music of German composer Charles Orfa has been met on hurrah. It seems that trjukovye the elements actively practised in pair which caused before in judges rather contradictory feelings (at many - simply indignation), now, as well as were predicted on the Olympic Games in Nagano by new leaders in dances, became norm. Anyway, close to to the six estimations for any program at Anisinoj and Pejzera confirm it.
but in female single driving all podium was occupied with Russians - Irina Slutsky, Maria Butyrsky and Victoria Volchkova. And Slutsky in Vienna recognised as original opening of the championship. In 1996 and 1997 Irina won continental superiority but after that the tonic of our figure skating became Butyrsky. And Slutsky, appear, already never can return upward. That it was more surprising Irina`s Austrian performance for those who it did not see for a long time. I was not so is happy, as today, even when have won the European championship for the first time, - she has told, having accepted congratulations on a victory. - understand, too hard times to me should be worried since then. And I am glad that could overcome myself .
Any program under Carmen Bizet of the triple champion of Europe experts recognised as irreproachable. However, Slutsky on Saturday, in solving day, has decided not to risk. Basically in its arsenal there was a unique cascade from three in succession jumps in three turns by which anybody is not able to do in the world, but she has preferred while to do without it to avoid errors. But in the World championship in Nice to Irina, probably, it nevertheless is required. Anyway, the competition there promises to be more rigid, than in Vienna. In - the first, in France the American Michel Kvan, svergnutaja last year from a throne of the queen of figure skating Butyrsky will act. In - the second, Maria, as she said, does not intend to give Slutsky a palm.
frankly speaking, in Vienna Butyrsky looked completely not ideally. But some oversights obviously have not unsettled it. it is impossible to win always, eventually, - it has joked after the termination of competitions. - the second place is too well. After all now I have a complete set of awards of the European championships. As to the car blown up in December now I already do not remember it. Psychologically to me nothing disturbs. Another matter that those elements which I easily carry out on trainings, in Vienna why - that have not gone. But anything, for a month it is still possible to correct .
It is not necessary to dismiss and 17 - summer Volchkovu. Its huge potential in Austria have estimated all. And if something also has prevented Victoria to outstrip two partners on command, so this absence of experience and a foot trauma. But in Nice all can develop on - to other.