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Direct speech

Today again after long repair the Mausoleum
  Direct speech
Today again after long repair Lenin`s Mausoleum (p. 9 see) has been opened for visiting. When - to get there, it was necessary to defend huge turn, but now such flow of public it is not expected any more.
when you last time saw Lenin?

Nikolay Haritonov, the head of agroindustrial group in the State Duma:
- On last birthday Lenin. I, as well as am necessary, descended in the Mausoleum and have assigned a wreath. I admit that each time when I saw Lenin`s body, had the same feeling - gravity and the importance of the moment, and also a deep recognition to this outstanding person. I any more once spoke to those who wants to take out Lenin from the Mausoleum: Lenin take out, and Ulyanov leave. I hope, they will hear me. And in general, it is a far-fetched problem. In the country it is necessary to lift economy, and the power instead of it to be engaged, it is covered with Lenin.

Gennady Rajkov, the leader of deputy group the People`s Deputy :
- Ten years ago me has asked to reduce in the Mausoleum and to look at grandfather Lenin my son, since then I there never was. To solve a question on body carrying out its relatives should, but the moment for this purpose, in my opinion, has not come yet as the society has not ripened yet for this purpose, let Lenin while will lie down there.

Boris Nemtsov, the head of fraction of Union of Right Forces in the State Duma:
- I do not remember, and times I do not remember, especially favorable impression it is vision on me has not made. And communists of the worst anti-advertising to the leader of world proletariat could not think up - so much years have forced it to lie in the open air. Therefore it is time to them to concern more seriously our offer and to support it.

Oleg Tabakov, the national actor of the USSR and RSFSR, art director MHATa:
- I never in life was in the Mausoleum. I also did it absolutely meaningly as in 14 years has learnt about certain defects of this person. And to see it, especially dead, I never would like. Appointment to a mummy is the unhealthy desire which is strongly looking like nekrofiliju. And I the healthy person, and at me unhealthy desires do not arise.

Andrey Vavilov, the chairman of board of directors of the company Northern oil :
- And I it in general never saw, about what, however, and I am not sorry. When was the pioneer, me in the Mausoleum did not drive. When married, went to Eternal fire, and the Mausoleum this day at all did not remember.

Yury Utehin, the academician of the International academy of the information:
- Lenin is our history, and, on - to mine, it cannot be taken out from the Mausoleum. To whom will come to mind to burn Peter the Great caftan? And a monument Dzerzhinsky have cleaned from the area. Communism - not the best idea, but the country became a communism museum. And if foreigners are ready to pay currency for museum visiting why it at them not to take?

Victor Ilyukhin, the leader of Movement in support of army:
- In May of this year. And here on November, 6th only has assigned a wreath to the Mausoleum - inside have not started up. And me it is not clear, what for now start to force events and to speak about carrying out of a body of Lenin from the Mausoleum. In the country of problems and without it suffices, and the mausoleums exist not only with Lenin`s body, but also with a body of Pirogova. Though if the certificate of a burial place of Lenin could feed and warm hungry and made destitute I would agree with Lenin`s carrying out from the Mausoleum.

Polina Dashkov, the writer:
- Lenin I hated since the childhood, but the Mausoleum when still went to school, visited together with children. I have grown in a normal family where always considered that the dead man should be based in the earth, instead of in any granite construction.

Vladimir Platonov, the chairman of the Moscow municipal duma:
- Last my meeting with Lenin has taken place in the beginning 80 - h years. As to a problem of its carrying out from the Mausoleum it seems to me that it is better not to do it yet because the whole generation concerning it as to a relic is still live. I am assured that years through ten question on the one who has not said goodbye yet to Lenin, will be removed, and the body will be easy betrayed to the earth.

Igor Zaharov, the publisher:
- For the first and for the last time I saw Lenin almost thirty years ago when the student drove at excursion of group of foreign tourists to Red Square and in the Mausoleum. Impression the most awful - dead men in such kind never before saw and I hope that more never I will see. At me in publishing house materials for the new book, devoted to Lenin`s private life lie. It would be very interesting book, but it will be published only after Lenin`s body will be taken out and buried. For me it is a question basic.

Victor Yerofeev, the writer:
- Me this Lenin as a cataract on an eye - that wet, obkakannyj. Only spoils a kind of the October area in Moscow. Therefore I too would bury this monument, but any more on Red Square. And in the Mausoleum I was still when Lenin with Stalin made a homosexual couple in the centre of Moscow.