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Separatists threaten rally Paris — Dakar
Separatists threaten rally Paris - Dakar

Front Polisario - the separative organisation which is based near of the Algerian city of Tinduf - threatens to renew operations in case the next rally Paris - Dakar, starting on January, 1st, 2001, will cross marokkano - saharskuju border . According to the communique of front, endurance from which quotes the Algerian news agency, separatists will consider themselves free from all obligations on observance of an operating mode of cease-fire in day when rally will cross marokkano - saharskuju border . On territory of Morocco should pass four stages of rally.
front Polisario Achieves independence for some territories in Western Sahara. In 1975 separatists have developed the armed struggle, victims of the conflict of a steel from 6 thousand to 12 thousand persons. Since September, 1st, 1991 in region the cease-fire mode operates.

the Russian professional bicycle racers became more
the International union of bicyclists (UCI) in the a staff - to apartment in Lausanne declared the list of 22 commands for a new season. According to it, the number of the Russian bicycle racers which will act in professional commands of the higher battalion, has increased from seven to nine.
most Russian it is possible to consider German command Koast for which will act Anton Shantyr and Edward Gritsun, and Italian Fassa Bortolo with Sergey Ivanov and Dmitry Konyshevym. In to elite Will act also Denis Menshov (Banesto, Spain), Evgenie Petrov (Mapei, Italy), Dmitry Gajnetdinov (Caldirola, Italy), Pavel Tonkov (Mercury, the USA) and Vyacheslav Yekimov (US Postal, the USA).
to prove to be Pavel Tonkov has the highest chances. It will carry out a role of the leader in the command. Mercury - the debutant of the higher battalion, in a command considerable money is put already up. Under forecasts of experts, it is capable to give in a new season a surprise and much more to raise the rating. Besides Americans concern the Russian racers more loyally.

the Younger brother while is better than the senior
the World boxing organisation (WBO) has published the new rating - sheet. The applicant for a rank of the world champion in heavy weight which Ukrainian Vladimir Klichko owns, is its big brother Vitaly. Earlier brothers declared that never leave on a ring against each other, but now fight between them can quite take place. For now Vladimir prepares for title protection - on March, 10th he will fight with American Dzherekom Jefferson (Jereck Jefferson). The fee of the Ukrainian will make $5 million - for it it is the record sum.

Englishmen follow an example Frenchmen
In two years in Great Britain there will be a national football centre. It becomes not only a place of increase of skill of football players, but also the present work of art. A project estimated cost - 30 - 40 million pounds sterling ($45 - 60 million). The English football association yesterday has informed On it.
the Base will contain in itself fields for game, the medical centre equipped by last word technicians, research laboratories and housing complexes. Possibility to use these blessings will receive not only the higher trainer`s structure and English national team on football, but also clubs.
the exact place for building of the football centre is not defined yet. But according to available data, the grandiose complex, most likely, will be developed on severo - the West of England. It is necessary to add only that in France such centre already is.

In Kiev the Dynamo the Romanian
the Romanian halfback Florian Chernat will play (Florian Cernat) has signed the contract with Kiev the Dynamo for a period of five years. The vice-president of club Joseph Sabo has informed on it. Before Chernat played for Bucharest the Dynamo . He/she is the second legionary who has signed the contract with the Kiev club this week. On Thursday it was made by the Bulgarian football player George Peev (Georgi Peev).

Poland named the best football players
the Best Polish football player of the XX-th century Kazimezh Dejna, the legendary halfback of Warsaw club Legia and a national team is named. Into a three of the Polish football coryphaeuses of century have entered also Zbignev Bonek and Vlodzimezh Ljubansky.
Kazimezh Dejna acted during the period from the end 60 - h to the middle 80 - h years. With Legia it became the champion of Poland twice, as a part of a national team has played 104 matches, has hammered in 45 goals. In a track record of Dejny which long time was captain Legia and a national team, - gold and silver medals of the Olympic Games 1972 - go and 1976, bronze the World championship - 74.
the Best team of a century names Poland national team 1973 - 1974, taken the third place on superiority of the world in Germany. After it there is an Olympic team - 92, the owner of silver medals of Games in Barcelona.

the most perfect catamaran in the world Has sunk - the sailing vessel
the biggest in the world forty-metre sailing racing catamaran Team Philips has sunk in Atlantic. The leader of its crew of Pit Goss has informed on it (Pete Goss). The British command from seven persons has been compelled to leave a board of the most perfect vessel of this class in cost in $6 million after huge waves and a gale-force wind have put it strong damages. The crew has been picked up in 1200 km to the West from coast of Ireland by the German dry-cargo ship, the first appeared in time to a vessel suffering disaster.
crew and the sponsors headed by the electronic giant from the Netherlands by company Philips, conducted constant supervision from air behind a catamaran, hoping that can rescue it. However on Thursday all traces of a sailing vessel have been lost.

Denilsona have returned to Spain
One of the most expensive football players of the world Brazilian Denilson (Denilson), recently acting as rent for Brazilian Flamengo, comes back to Europe. The halfback will spend the season rest in Spanish Real Betis which following the results of last year has taken off for the second Spanish battalion.
Flamengo to the last tried to keep the player, but the management of the Spanish club was unshakable. to us offered weight of other football players, but we want own, - president Real Betis of Manuel Ruis de has declared Lopera (Manuel Ruiz de Lopera). - Knowingly we have paid in due time for it $35 million .

Lennoks Lewis wants to beat Mike Tyler
the World champion on boxing in heavy weight Lennoks Lewis (Lennox Lewis) has declared that, most likely, will finish the career after will spend fight against Mike Tyler (Mike Tyson). I Think that fight will take place next year. It is demanded by public so, and under fight it is possible to find money, - the British has told. - and when I will beat Tyler, it is possible will and fasten with boxing .

Feodor Konjuhov will meet New year in roaring the fortieth
Russian shkiper Feodor Konjuhov participating in round-the-world regatta Vendee Globe, will meet New year in roaring the fortieth. At present Russian shkiper goes the last, lagging behind almost on 5 thousand miles leaders - Michel Dezhuae`s Frenchmen (Michel Desjoyeaux) and Rolana Zhurdena (Roland Jourdain) and Englishwomen Ellen Makartur (Ellen McArthur). As the son morehoda Oscar Konjuhov has told, in the night from December, 31st for January, 1st his father will be in Indian ocean roughly on 40 - m degree of width and 20 - longitude m, moving in a direction to island Kerguelen (France).