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Strong remained strong

In Europe football vacation
  Strong remained strong
In Europe football vacation

In the European football has come it is time leading of the first results: in past uik - end in the national championships of continent the break which will last in some countries till January, and in some - and till February is declared.

If to look at standings of the leading European national championships, it becomes clear: football capitals of continent remained the same, as were. In superiority of Italy the main football cities - Rome and Turin. In last season before a break ahead was Juventus, and on the second place - and with solid enough separation - capital Lazio. On finish they have exchanged in places. This year confidently is in the lead Roman Roma, and turintsy left after last round on the second place. Lazio keeps on the fourth place, but is not going to hand over the champion powers. And practically anybody does not doubt Italy, what exactly these three commands and will play in the first spring of a new millenium skudetto.
Chances Roma are regarded as the most preferable. In - the first, the stock of points is great enough, in - the second, Romans have in this season very equal structure, not without reason they have hammered more, and have passed it is most less. To their attack, perhaps, in general now is not present equal in the world. Most likely, any trainer has no at present such forwards, as Fabio Kapello (Fabio Capello), Gabriel Batistuta (Gabriel Batistuta), Franchesko Totti (Francesco Totti), Marko Delvekkio (Marco Delvecchio), Vinchentso Montella (Vincenzo Montella).
It is considered that Juventus just there is no power in an attack. However, if by the spring Zinedin Zidan (Zinedin Zidan) turintsy all the same will turn to terrible attacking force types the form. As to Lazio it does not have not enough first of all good luck. From - for traumas and illnesses of leading players the champion in the end of November and in December never left in the field in the strongest structure. In last round a serious trauma has received also Dejan Stankovich (Dejan Stankovich). It will be compelled to be treated now at least one and a half month.
separate conversation on former leaders of the Italian football - two Milan commands. Milan on - former keeps on bombardirskom Andrey Shevchenko`s skill. The Ukrainian has hammered in the 11 - j a goal in this championship in last match with Peruggia and has bypassed Batistutu in dispute of the best snipers, but hardly its efforts will suffice on returning Berlusconi`s club Silvio (Silvio Berlusconi) on in the lead positions.
even less iridescent prospects at Inter. After loss of Ronaldo (Ronaldo) it cannot find confidence in any way. Players Inter have hammered in all together in twelve matches of the championship of all on two goals more than one Shevchenko. Fans of the team need to hope only that at last will type the form passed some months from - for traumas Christian Veri (Christian Vieri), will play more powerfully Uruguayan Alvaro Rekoba (Alvaro Recoba), become recently the most highly paid football player of the world - since New year it will receive $8 million a year, and Ronaldo will return in the near future to a command.
a little that has changed and in the Spanish championship. To a break on the first place on the lost points left Real, in which the Russian fans know about a state of affairs almost as much, how many the Spanish. Afterwards for Real there is a finalist of last draw of League of champions Valencia and the champion of country Deportivo. These commands have changed in inter-season period to third the structures, but their game remained former. Contenders hardly try, as before, keys to their defence and regularly pass counterattacks.
cannot get out this year in any way in in the lead three Barcelona. With leaving of Luisha the Fig (Luis Figo) its game in an average line has obviously faded. Rivaldo (Rivaldo) and Klejvert (Cluivert) remained without support. There are problems at Catalans and in defence. There are affairs at Celta is even worse. Its fans also do not dream more of a champion title. By the way, club from Vigo to name difficult now Russian. Only Valery Karpin regularly plays the basic structure, Alexander Mostovoj this year gets there for the most various reasons not always.
In England in spite of the fact that London is presented in the prime minister - league by six commands, football capital there is Manchester - advantage Manchester United is so great. Alex Ferguson`s wards (Alex Ferguson) have won last round, their main persecutor Arsenal has been crushed by the contender and rupture between them has reached nine points. At manchestertsev now a lot of injured, but nevertheless anybody does not doubt their superiority practically. Only one example: rates on victory Manchester United in the championship in the largest bookmaker office of Europe Willim Hill are accepted in the ratio 1:1,1, while on success Arcenal - 1:7, and on a victory, let us assume, the participant of League of champions Leeds - 1:500!
In the German Bundesliga it is played already more half of matches. As shows the statistican, the command which in the championship of Germany after the first circle goes on the first place, wins and as a result. But this time, most likely, will be not so. Schalke 04, of course, very strong collective, but hardly to it will be possible to be kept on the first line even till the spring. Few experts trust and in forces Borussia from Dortmund. It is considered that Mattias Zammera`s wards (Matthias Sammer) will make a feat, already if are kept in a three of prize-winners.
All last year has passed in Germany under the badge of rivalry Munich Bayern and leverkuzenskogo Bayer. These commands and now at the top of standings, and, undoubtedly, have not left hopes of a champion`s title. Mjunhentsy besides put before itself a problem also to win League of champions. Their trainer Ottmar Hittsfeld (Ottmar Hitzfeld) has called this week in interview to weekly journal Welt am Sonntag a club management to allocate additional means for acquisition of new players. And if it is made, in addition also all leaders of a command will heal traumas the champion of Germany can turn from simply terrible, to almost invincible force. And anyway Spartaku on February, 13th and 18 it is necessary very hardly.
problem Bayer - as soon as possible to forget scandal with Kristofom Daumom (Christoph Daum). Bertie Fogts appointed to its place (Berti Vogts) has already proved that in a condition to supervise not only a national team. Besides, unlike Bavarians leverkuzentsy can concentrate all forces to one front - in League of champions they have already left struggle.
in the championship of France 22 rounds are played already. The French superiority is considered for a long time one of the most unpredictable on continent. And this year very few people undertakes to predict, what command - Nantes, Lille, Girondins Bordeaux, Lyon, and perhaps, even Sedan - will appear on finish of the first. Almost clearly while one: former champion Monaco will combine the powers in the spring. Too serious it seems the crisis which has captured this club. Proceeds falling and other grandee - PSG. And in general, sceptics confirm: Level of the French championship, despite national team victories, recently if does not decrease, does not raise. It is difficult to disagree with it: hardly who this year will dare to predict to French teams a victory in one of Euro cups.