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Roman Abramovich has established a record of 2000

on December, 24th in seven Russian regions chose governors. In Chelyabinsk, To
  Roman Abramovich has established a record of 2000
on December, 24th in seven Russian regions chose governors. In the Chelyabinsk, Kostroma both Volgograd areas and Republic Khakassia operating heads have reserved the posts. In the Voronezh and Ulyanovsk areas governors have lost elections to generals, and by the new chief of Chukotka the deputy of the State Duma Roman Abramovich is selected.

the Governor of the Chelyabinsk area Peter Sumin has typed about 63 %, convincingly having beaten the basic competitors - deputies of the State Duma of Michael Grishankova (17 %) and Valery Gartunga (13 %). The head of the government of Khakassia Alexey Lebed (72 %) has left far behind of the main competitor, head of one of departments of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia of Vasily Astanaeva (12 %). The victory of the head of administration of the Volgograd region of communist Nikolay Maksjuty has appeared less convincing. Having typed 36,72 %, it has outstripped the basic contender, the chairman of board of directors Volga podshipnikovogo Oleg Savchenko`s factory, all on 8 %. One week prior to voting ratings of two major candidates were practically made even, therefore to Volgograd to support the party fellow there has arrived the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov. As a result for mister Savchenko voters of the regional centre have voted basically, areas have voted to the operating head of the Volgograd region. By the way, in all three mentioned regions elections were preceded by litigations on which the right of operating governors to participate in elections was challenged.
the Kostroma governor Victor Shershunovu managed to win a victory only from the second attempt (the first round of elections has passed on December, 10th). According to preliminary data, for it have voted about 62 % of voters.
and here to governors of the Voronezh and Ulyanovsk areas to Ivan Shabanov and Yury Gorjachevu has carried less. To mister Shabanov who has typed only 15,21 %, it was necessary to give way to the chief Voronezh UFSB to Vladimir Kulakovu (59,98 %). It seems that it is the case first in Russia when the regional power has got to the security officer. Against all candidates 8 % come on elections have voted.
the victory of general Vladimir Shamanova in the Ulyanovsk region has appeared so convincing. 56,25 % (and on some sites for him have voted to 75 % of voters) have voted for the commander 58 - j army. Operating governor Gorjachev has taken the second place, slightly having outstripped the commander only in one area and having received almost twice less voices as a whole on area (23,5 %). The third favourite of pre-election race, the chairman of regional Legislative Assembly Sergey Rjabuhin, has typed 11,7 %. Thus every third voter of area has voted against all applicants. Possibly, such aversion of all candidates is connected by that last pre-election week almost all local mass-media filled up readers the with the most refined black public relations.
the deputy of the State Duma Roman Abramovich who has typed on Chukotka more than 90 % of voices became the present champion of governor`s campaigns of this year. The victory on elections to it was considerably facilitated by the present head of autonomous region Alexander Nazarov who one week prior to voting has refused participation in elections. The remained contenders of the deputy have not typed in the sum and 4 % of voices, approximately have as much voted against all.