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Lenin`s mausoleum have opened last time

Today after polutoramesjachnogo a break for preventive works for visit
  Lenin`s Mausoleum have opened last time
Today after polutoramesjachnogo a break for preventive works for visitors Lenin`s Mausoleum again will open. Probably, it will be last season of work of the main tomb of the country.

the Mausoleum on Red Square with Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin`s) body has been closed on November, 10th this year - as was told in the message of commandant`s office of the Kremlin, for preventive works .

Since 1924 these works are spent annually by experts Scientifically - the research centre of biomedical technologies of the All-Russia institute of medicinal and aromatic plants it. Zbarsky (VILAR). Mausoleum work, according to commandant`s office of the Kremlin, manages to the state approximately in $1,5 million a year. About $17 thousand donations of private persons a year lists Public fund of the Mausoleum.

However, present opening of the Mausoleum can become the last in its stories. As it became known from the high-ranking sources in Presidential Administration of Russia, wished to remain not named, the basic decision on a burial place of a body of Vladimir Ulyanov is already accepted. Officially to make comments on this information in a press - service of the president did not become.
the Kremlin any more the first time expresses desire to bury Vladimir Lenin`s mummy. For the first time it was declared in July, 1999 by the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin. Then the Presidential Administration planned to create special socially - the state commission, in details to work all questions . A body of the leader of world proletariat planned to cremate and bury on Volkovom a cemetery in St.-Petersburg near to a tomb of his mother Maria Uljanovoj - there where he wanted. Its tomb is in necropolis territory the Literatorsky planked footway where Turgenev, the Block, Saltykov - Schedrin, Kuprin and Mendeleyev are buried.
dates - on July, 17th (anniversary of execution of an imperial family by order of Lenin), on August, 19th, on November, 7th or on January, 21st Were called even. Lenin`s funeral should become the symmetric answer to impeachment which deputies - communists were going to take out to the president. Administration plans were supported even by patriarch Alex II. However impeachment has not taken place, and about funeral of mister Ulyanov have forgotten.
the Second time necessity to bury Vladimir Ulyanov`s body was declared three weeks ago by deputies from Union of Right Forces. The fraction has brought in the agenda of the State Duma the project of the reference to president Putin with the request for creation on a place of the Mausoleum of a memorial complex in memory of victims of political repressions and a body burial place citizen V.I.Ulyanov . But deputies have refused to consider this reference. Its text has been removed from the agenda of the next session.
nevertheless sources have assured the correspondent of Presidential Administration that this time Lenin at last will bury. So wishing to say goodbye to its body it is necessary to hurry.