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George Bush has ordered an antimissile umbrella

It firm Boeing
  George Bush has ordered an antimissile umbrella
It will be made by firm Boeing

One of these days newly elected US president George Bush (George Bush) declared that its administration will prolong the contract with firm Boeing working by request of the Pentagon over creation of national system of antimissile defence (NPRO). Military men have reacted instantly, having demanded from the White house of allocation of the next grants.

In September, 2000 president Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton), earlier declaring necessity of carrying out of researches in the field of NPRO, has unexpectedly postponed decision-making on expansion of this system. It should accept it after three successful tests on ballistic missile interception. However have successfully passed only shooting in October, 1999. And in January and July, 2000 the interceptor missile started from a Pacific atoll Kwajalein, has flown by by a warhead of ballistic missile Minuteman - 2, starting with air base Vandenberg. The price of misses has made almost $200 million the Russian military men have reacted to them venomous enough remarks concerning possibilities NPRO, however the Russian experts did not doubt that the reasons of failures will be revealed and eliminated, and works on creation NPRO - are continued.
after a victory on presidential election of republican George Bush which always declared that is the supporter of expansion NPRO, the opinion of experts has completely proved to be true. In the end of last week the future president declared renewal of researches on NPRO, and the Pentagon has confirmed prolongation of the contract with company Boeing. The contract provides that till September, 2007 will is spent $6 billion In need of an expense can be are finished to $13 mlrd, and informally experts estimate expenses on creation NPRO in $30 billion
the Decision of mister Bush is not connected in any way with personal sympathies for firm Boeing which, by the way, on present presidential election did not show obvious preferences to democrats, republicans. Moreover, it is ready to shelter at herself on a highly paid post in company management of the assistant to the state secretary in administration of democrats of Thomas Pikeringa (Thomas Pickering). Anyway, George Bush`s decision became a timely gift for the Pentagon and Boeing. The representative of the Pentagon lieutenant colonel Rik Lener (Rick Lehner) has noticed that the primary contract concluded with Boeing, expires in April, 2001, but money remains on performance only two tests. we do not want, that the program of tests interrupted - mister Lener has told.