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Vladimir Putin has cut the administration from regions

Yesterday Vladimir Putin at a total meeting with proxy to representatives
  Vladimir Putin has cut the administration from regions
Yesterday Vladimir Putin at a total meeting with the plenipotentiaries in federal districts has informed them on the decision to begin recutting in presidential administration. After reform of an imperious vertical of a hand at the head of the state have reached and the Kremlin.

As it became known, on the part of meeting closed for journalists with plenipotentiaries Vladimir Putin declared that its administration will undergo to changes. In particular, will stop the work the main territorial administration - in that kind in which it now exists.
the President has charged to the head of the administration Alexander Voloshin in 15 - dnevnyj term to prepare the decree project. Regular number terupravlenija veleno to reduce to third, and remained two thirds to place under the authority of devices of plenipotentiaries. Thus, Alexander Abramov, the curator of territorial administration will obviously lose in powers zamglavy administrations. Behind it there will be only a device of the State Council as which already now very few people considers as real body and even more often name a session of group psychotherapy.
administration reform will not casually begin with the territorial block: from the moment of creation of institute of plenipotentiaries of the president between it and the Kremlin officials supervising work with regions, there were insuperable contradictions. Neither those, nor others did not want to concede each other regional problems. Plenipotentiaries in struggle against officials of administration used direct access to Vladimir Putin, and those, in turn, braked important documents for plenipotentiaries. The history about the decree project about additions to position about plenipotentiaries which more was exposed than month to mutual updatings became already comical: plenipotentiaries tried to expand the powers, and Presidential Administration - to subordinate to themselves personnel selection of plenipotentiaries.
yesterday the president has put an end in this dispute, in a pointed manner having refused to sign offered it administration a variant and having disposed to bring there the most part of changes on which plenipotentiaries insisted.
an example of different lines of thought to the decision of regional problems mister Putin named a situation with elections in Mari republic. The Kremlin has decided to get rid of the head of republic Vyacheslav Kislitsyn suspected of communications with a crime. But the Mari president managed to move to pity mister Abramova who has tried to change a situation and to leave president Kislitsyn on a post. However Volga region plenipotentiary Sergey Kirienko has opposed it. Mister Kislitsyn with a crash has lost elections that became simultaneously and a victory of the plenipotentiary.
the Presidential Administration administrative board has spent yesterday evening on workplaces, conferring how to be further. Certainly, 15 days which are given by the president on preparation of documents, become solving for the Kremlin officials: they will try to win back a situation to own advantage. while nobody is dismissed. The territorial administration is not liquidated. Accents " will be simply displaced; - has informed a source in management.
having begun with one of the strongest blocks in administration, Vladimir Putin on it will not stop. The old command and the structure of the power which has got to it in the inheritance from Boris Yeltsin, any more do not satisfy the president as the country government tool. The twist of fate consists that the members of a former Kremlin team initiating a radical reform of the power, have cut a bough on which sat.