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The astrological forecast

Tuesday, on December, 26th
  the Astrological forecast
Tuesday, on December, 26th

Tuesday - day for unduly serious people and for unduly serious work. In the price observance of laws, work performance on conscience. And here with emotions today will be hardly.
time for summarising: try to analyse that at you this year it turned out, and that is not present. Share the reasons with partners. Can discuss the performed work together with the heads. Besides, today it is good to communicate with government officials.
today it is a high time to put in order the documentation, to direct general cleaning at office.
excellent time and for any operations with real estate. Can sign any contracts on this theme. By the way, today it is recommended to invest large capitals in real estate.
day for serious, large purchases. And from trifle acquisition as a hobby on Tuesday it is better to refrain.
in private life today too all is extremely serious, do not wait for a sentimentality from partners.
excellent time for discussion of sore problems with relatives, decisions of questions at issue with parents or children.
at ARIESES it is day of return of debts, and such it will be pleasant to nobody. Other operations with money are better be not to spending - there is a risk them to lose. Besides, it is a high time to understand with the collected problems.
at TAURUSES the stability period in business. Stable will be both successes, and problems. Today it is a high time to analyze the successes and defeats - at once for a year. You will come to curious enough conclusions.
TWINS should finish today all affairs. Special eagerness in work do not show, be afraid of physical overloads which will by all means be reflected in yours health. Besides, protect sight - do not read in the dark, less time spend behind the computer.
CANCERS are waited by the fast decision of old problems. Serious support to you will be rendered by the women especially close. Besides, today it is good to you to communicate with officials, and also to solve family problems with representatives of the senior generation.
LIONS should spend day as it is possible more carefully (it concerns business). In no event sign nothing, do not begin new affairs, do not spend financial operations not to be ruined before New year. Do not search to itself for new problems, try to understand with the old is better.
at MAIDENS the fine period. Today you are waited by realisation for a long time the conceived plans, some projects will start to bring results. In general, you meet with the deserts, though it will be for you a bolt from the blue.
At SCALES problem day. Time of doubts, instability in business. Besides, you are not satisfied with your position on service. But now not time to stand up for the rights especially before the heads. Try to analyse the reasons of the failures is better, look at itself for lacks and try to get rid of them.
at SCORPIONS day will develop successfully if they not begin to solve a problem alone. To work today it is better in collective, to make decisions it is necessary together with partners. Besides, look the help at state officials, the heads or financial patrons.
to SAGITTARIUSES today not time to accept critical decisions. For performance of the planned plans you simply will not have forces. Try to calm down - that will be in time, will be in time. First of all understand with old problems.
for CAPRICORNS it is remarkable day, count on good luck in affairs. This day you receive well-deserved rewards. Today you will understand, which projects bring in your stable incomes. Quite good time for for a long time conceived purchases.
AQUARIUS, it is obvious not your day. Hardly you can win from improvisations. Therefore be engaged in realisation only before the planned plans. Not time for new affairs. Besides, day does not approach for financial operations.
at FISHES it is very good period. Time for serious work on business - projects. Today you learn that the invested capitals start to bring percent. Think where still to put up money - intuition will prompt you a right course.