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In a synagogue nearly have not drowned the Jew

On Saturday in the Big choral synagogue of Moscow of three malefactors hardly uto
  In a synagogue nearly have not drowned the Jew
On Saturday in the Big choral synagogue of Moscow of three malefactors hardly have not drowned in ritual pool of the chief executive of Federation of the Jewish communities of the CIS of Avraam Berkovich. The attack on the official, most likely, became the next action in the prolonged conflict between conformists and Chassids of Habada whom the victim concerns also.

Orthodox and Chassidic - two directions in iudaistskoj to the belief, sharply clashing among themselves. Conformists adhere to traditional sights at religion, the majority of believing Jews concerns them in Russia and in the world. Habad - ljubavicheskie Chassids - one of the branches which have gemmated from a traditional Judaism. In opinion ljubavicheskih Chassids, their late rabbi Menahem Mendl Shneerson was the Messiah with what, naturally, conformists categorically do not agree.
however besides religious the conflict has also political aspect. Ljubavichesky Chassids, despite the small number, use material support from - for a boundary and favour of the Russian politicians. Thanks to loud PR - actions to Chassids were possible manage considerably conformists, and last year their rabbi, the American of the Italian origin of Berl Lazar, even has been selected by the main rabbi of Russia that has even more complicated relations between representatives of two religious trends.
conformists gather in the Big choral synagogue located in the Spasoglinishchevsky lane (Arhipov`s former street). The synagogue ljubavicheskih Chassids is located in Marinoj to the Grove. By the way, more recently it actually has been anew constructed after the explosion which has thundered there in May, 1998. But Chassids often come and in possession of conformists - in any synagogue by the Jewish traditions the input is opened for all. Chassids say that visit a meeting-house of competitors only to make ablution in mikve - sacred pool which is not present in Marinoj to the Grove. Conformists are convinced that gatecrashers come to agitate to them parishioners for the belief and the rabbi.
what for past Saturday the Big choral synagogue was visited by the follower of movement of Habad - Ljubavich Avraam Berkovich, it is not known. He says that wanted to wash only ware in mikve, and its competitors assert that the official tried to collect signatures of parishioners in support of the rabbi Berla Lazara.
Anyhow, but, under the version of Chassids, three young men have approached to mister Berkovich in the form of security guards and have dragged it in a cellar where there is a sacred pool. There have beaten, and then, having dipped in mikvu, held under water until that has not fainted.
blows were put professionally, - considers a press - secretary Berla Lazara Boruh Gorin. - besides numerous bruises and grazes doctors have registered internal hemorrhages and damages of bodies. Mister Berkovich in the heaviest physical and a morale should be hospitalised in the American medical centre . To state any versions of the reasons of an attack mister Gorin has refused, having referred that is a militia prerogative. But thus he has noticed that though threats to mister Berkovich never arrived, it constantly faced aversion from a synagogue .
On another representatives of conformists make comments on a situation. Berkovich left a cellar live and healthy, only wet from feet to a head, - the assistant to the executive vice-president of the Jewish community of Moscow to Pavel Feldbljuma Dmitry Zagranichnyj has told. - has demanded to cause ` first aid `. The come tearing along doctors, having surveyed it, very much were surprised, what for them have caused to absolutely healthy person .
Reject vigorously the participation in an attack and security guards of the Big choral synagogue. By the way, under the contract concluded with administration of a synagogue, they protect only an input in a synagogue and adjoining territory, and in the meeting-house at all are not shown. Militian field investigators are engaged in now happened. It is not excluded that upon an attack on the official criminal case will be brought.
however, without waiting results of investigation, yesterday the administration of a choral synagogue has apologised mister Berkovich, having promised that similar excesses will not repeat.