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Vladimir Gusinsky have put under observation

Office of Public Prosecutor of Spain has protested clearing on the security of Vladimir Gusinsky.
  Vladimir Gusinsky have put under observation
the Office of Public Prosecutor of Spain has protested clearing on the security of Vladimir Gusinsky. Its representatives consider that gendarmes hardly can prevent to disappear to the media magnate from justice. With details specially for JUAN - KOBO, the correspondent of RIA News in Spain.

Leaving from Soto - del - Real (Soto del Real), Vladimir Gusinsky has gone on the country house. From - for the heavy rain which has fallen these days on the south of the country, journalists which would fix arrival of mister Gusinsky to Sotogrande (Sotogrande), it has not appeared. However next day one of the gendarmes protecting the media magnate, has told to the reporters who have arrived here: This person hardly leaves today the house so can easy leave . As it became known later, mister Gusinsky celebrated the Jewish holiday this day and consequently has declared that is not going to be at home.
the order of judge Baltasara of the Waiter (Baltazar Garzon) about constant supervision over Vladimir Gusinsky, is carried out since yesterday in full - the Spanish newspaper " marked on Sunday; Pais . It placed a photo of a private residence of the owner of holding Media - the Bridge the input in which has a patrol car of home guards (gendarmerie). This patrol conducts external supervision over the house of the media magnate.
but as the private residence from street is closed by dense trees and it is not visible that occurs in its territory, in the decision of the judge of the Waiter is provided Arrest under supervision both outside of habitation, and in it .
To mister Gusinsky other measures of restriction are accepted also. At it all passports are selected, from it the subscription about nevyezde from Spain is taken, it is forbidden to it to use air and a sailing charter (taking into account that it has a personal plane and the yacht) goes by the car it can only accompanied by gendarmes who should be also in its car.
the main public prosecutor of court on especially important issues of Eduardo Fungarino (Eduardo Fuingarinho) has already protested clearing of the media magnate. In the protest it is noticed that the decision of the judge of the Waiter is display nelojalnosti not only in relation to the Russian authorities, but also to the Spanish government which has not had time to familiarise yet with the documentation sent from Moscow about it. It has arrived to Madrid on channels of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs past Wednesday, but she still was required to be translated into Spanish.
Public prosecutor Fungarino believes inappropriate the decision of the judge also because for ten days of stay of mister Gusinsky in the Spanish prison, in the documents presented by the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor was not revealed anything such that would not correspond to legal norms.
the public prosecutor has noticed also that the decision the mister the Waiter discriminates other temporarily Spanish prisoners who are involved in judicial responsibility on much less serious charges and are in strict isolation in expectation of that their affairs will be carefully considered.
Fungarino considers wrongful and that the judge has entrusted gendarmeries of the next city of La - with Linea (La Linea) to provide protection of mister Gusinsky. Meaning financial and operative possibilities of the media magnate, the public prosecutor considers that these measures not only do not guarantee the Spanish justice against possibility of its flight, but also do not correspond to the norms established in the European agreement About delivery from 1957. When the protest of Office of Public Prosecutor will be considered, it is not known.