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Arabs and Jews will divide Jerusalem

According to plan of Clinton
  Arabs and Jews will divide Jerusalem
According to plan of Clinton

After four-day negotiations in the USA Israelis and Palestinians have closely come nearer to acceptance compromise Clinton plan on definitive peaceful settlement. If they give the official consent to assume this plan as a basis - and time for the meditation given by it by Washington, expires already tomorrow, - that on January, 10th the Israeli and Palestinian leaders will arrive to the USA on the new tripartite summit on which the peace treaty can be signed.

While with Clinton plan a sign only very limited circle of people. From - for it on Sunday at session of the Israeli government even there was a scandal. Many ministers were dissatisfied with that have learnt about an essence of the American offers from the press, instead of from premieres - minister Ehuda of the Barrack (Ehud Barak). The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel Haim Ramon (Haim Ramon) has declared even that the prime minister has no right to sign the peace treaty while all structure of an office will not be acquainted with it. However the mister the Barrack is the requirement has rejected, having declared, as itself knows about the American offers only by hearsay - they supposedly contrary to statements of mass-media, still are not formulated even not in writing.
However, in the evening on Sunday the mister the Barrack has received - taki possibility to familiarise with Clinton plan more in detail: it was presented arrived with negotiations to the USA by head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel Shlomo Ben - Ami (Shlomo Ben - Ami). It has occurred during the confidential meeting which were passing on one of the Israeli military bases. Except the prime minister on meeting some ministers and politicians from the nearest environment of the mister of the Barrack, proved as ardent advocates of the world have been admitted only. Under the informal information, gathered actually have supported the American plan.
the head of Palestinian autonomy Yasser Arafat (Yasser Arafat) also has discussed the American offers with the nearest environment. And though, judging by messages, the Palestinian management cannot overcome disagreements yet, it too tends to to assume this plan as a basis for the definitive peace agreement.
substantive provisions Clinton plan are that. East (Arabian) part of Jerusalem departs to the Palestinian state, western (Jewish) - remains beyond Israel. The temple mountain with mosques of Al - Aksa and the Lobster passes under control of Palestin. The Wailing Wall and approaches to it remain under the sovereignty of Israel. Israeli there are also Jewish and Armenian quarters of the Old city.
it will be recommended to Palestinian refugees or to move in the independent Palestinian state, or to remain there where they live now (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and other countries), and in this case to obtain financial compensation from special international fund. Israel as good will gesture will accept some tens thousand the refugees who have left the houses after 1948.
the ambit between Israel and Palestin will pass basically on the border existing before war of 1967. Preservation of separate areas of West cost under the sovereignty of Israel will be compensated for the transfer account to Palestin the Israeli territories, in particular in desert Negev. In total under control of Palestinians will pass 95 % of territories of West cost. Under control of Israel there will be 80 % of the Jewish settlements (basically within the limits of three enclaves), inhabitants of the others of 20 % of settlements will be moved to Israel.
before signing of the agreement of the party should declare the conflict termination. In the document the phrase that Palestin recognises Israel as the historical native land of Jews should contain. The agreement will be carried out in two stages: the first is calculated for three years, the second - for six years. After agreement signing Palestin acquires the right to proclaim the independence.
however, both in Palestin, and in Israel this plan has many opponents. In particular, even many members of the Palestinian management oppose those its positions which destinies of refugees concern. And according to newspaper poll Ediot ahronot 43 % of Israelis and 48 % resolutely with it are ready to support this plan only do not agree.