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The Georgian students have got agitated

They demand to cancel examinations
  the Georgian students have got agitated
They demand to cancel examinations

Tbilisi was shaken by rough performances of students. Thousand pupils, basically Tbilisi state university, have arranged demonstrations with the requirement to cancel examinations.

Examinations against which Tbilisi students act, should begin, as usual, after osenne - a winter semestre - on January, 4th.
students have explained the requirement to that, under their data, all over the world examinations are cancelled in honour of approach of a new millenium. In a reinforcement of this thesis students began to throw in policemen of a bottle stirring demonstration from - under beer and stones. The police has detained the most violent.
a management of the Tbilisi state university to cancel examinations do not intend. But the first examinations nevertheless for some days will move - session will begin only after January, 7th, that is after orthodox Christmas.
this case of performance of students first in Georgia with social requirements has caused a wide resonance in the country. After all from the end 70 - h years and till now the Georgian students acted only with political requirements - about independence, protection of the status of the Georgian language as state and etc. And consequently many are inclined to consider present incident as the positive phenomenon testifying to certain social transformation of a society.