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to Radicals — on a vodka bottle
to Radicals - on a vodka bottle

In Nabokov`s Museum have awarded winners of a Petersburg literary award of a name of Andrey Bely. This year them of a steel poet Yaroslav Mogutin (for the book “ Sβεπυχελξβεχερκθε Sσοεπςεκρςϋ “), philosopher Alexander Pjatigorsky (for autobiographical prose “ Notes of the strange person “), one more philosopher Igor Smirnov (for book Homo homini philosophus est) and translator Victor Lapitsky (“ for special merits before culture “) . According to the charter, to all winners have handed over on one rouble, an apple and on a vodka bottle. The attention of respectable public has been chained to the most radical winner - to Yaroslav Mogutinu. Though the poet silently sat in a corner in a sailor`s peak-cap, with his name, on hearings, expanding scandal in a management of the award communicates. The book “ Sβεπυχελξβεχερκθε Sσοεπςεκρςϋ “ reminding early romantic Limonova, has caused active aversion both among a great number of Petersburg writers, and in some judges. So traditional reading by winners of the texts has been replaced by pronouncing of vast thankful speeches.

From a barrack - in the Petrovsky passage
the Invitation card on an opening day of an exhibition of Arcady Petrov “ Farewell of madam Broshkinoj “ taken place in the Petrovsky passage, the thread of a cheap beads under pearls served. Similar ornaments carry also heroines of pictures of Arcady Petrov, copied with old cards in a genre “ Love me, as I you “. The artist has received popularity in the beginning 80 - h, one of the first having estimated a charm of the Soviet household kitsch. Critics wrote down its that in primitives, in sots - actors. Today Petrov`s works are perceived in the tideway of general kostjumirovannoj nostalgia on nice Soviet period which the tribute and Alla Pugacheva from the madam Broshkinoj has paid, and artist Vladislav Mamyshev - Monroe (on a photo) with the Alla Pugachevoj. The portrait of the singer executed in same kitchevom style, as its song, has successfully added a collection of retrocharacters. And the invited jazz - the gangs, strumming popular tunes 30 - h years, has shipped public in the weakened resort atmosphere of flirtation and promenades. Gallery “ the Passage “ Has ironically won back the site among dorogushchih boutiques, having opposed to magnificent show-windows the version of beautiful life. And having confirmed with that that the good artist is pertinent in any scenery. About ten years ago Arcady Petrov`s same works appeared on another “ kostjumirovannoj “ to an exhibition which was called “ the Barrack “. Obviously, times all - taki change.

“ the Debut “ at restaurant TSDL
At restaurant of the Central house of writers rewarding of winners of the award " has taken place; the Debut “. Everyone has received on $2 thousand So the secret of the television advertising long putting between pampers and tajlenolom was explained. Bravura music Suddenly started to play, on the screen waves of hand-written lines floated, and the severe voice-over solemnly declared: “ Large prose, small prose, the large poetic form, the small poetic form, drama product... “. They are founders for the first time the awarded award “ the Debut “ - fund “ Generation “ and writer Dmitry Lipskerov - searched for talents. Young authors writing in Russian, and any there " were required; eternally young, eternally drunk “ and about 25 years are strict. At first from 30 thousand manuscripts, namely it is so much if to trust organizers, has come letters, specially invited readers (on two on product) consulted. Then the jury from long - sheet chose winners. Their names (one after another, according to the nominations listed above): Sergey Sakin and Pavel Tetersky, Daniel Davidov, Ekaterina Bojarsky, Cyril Reshetnikov, Vasily Sigarev.

Askold Makarov
In Petersburg on 76 Has died - the m to year of life has died the dancer, the former prime minister of the Kirov theatre, the head of own troupe, the national actor of the USSR and the winner of the State award professor Askold Makarov. The long list of ranks will not tell the main thing: if Makarovu has not carried to meet choreographer Leonid Yakobson, the history of ballet would not embody neither the winner, nor the professor. Makarov would remain one of set of sloggers, it is diligent ottantsovyvajushchih repertuarnuju tekuchku. And appreciable only unless thanking komplektsii: in its classical parties named a flying case. It also has involved Yakobson. The choreographer was the genius, and its imagination has easily overcome a situation when in ballet the protagonist is deprived dance.
Makarov did not fly any more. On a scene on foot left broad-shouldered naive a miracle - the athlete (ballet - a fairy tale “ SHurale “ 1950). Then - severe monumental Spartak (ballet - a fresco “ Spartak “ 1956). Tall, pure a look, fair-haired laconic characters of Makarova conducted the heroic theme greedy estimated by official ideologists of the state, but not having something in common with sugary Soviet pathetics. And then Yakobson has transformed Makarova into Mayakovsky (ballet - the poster “ the Bug “ 1962), it is inspired and with scope of inventing Prisypkina directly in the face of public. The impression was shrill - shock: in Makarove (not too similar outwardly on a prototype) recognised original “ the archangel - tjazhelostupa “ even Lilja Brick.
Sudba Makarova has developed where more smoothly, than destiny of its great creator. Yakobson and has not got ranks. Long knocked about without work. Also has received own troupe - “ Choreographic miniatures “ - only in the last years of life. After Yakobson`s death the troupe has departed to Makarovu: was considered that it will ideally save up a heritage of the late estimated teacher. But some years ago copyrights were seized by the widow of the choreographer. The gap has been stopped up commercially profitable “ Swan lakes “. Avant-garde “ Choreographic miniatures “ have turned in ugly dancing the academic classics razezdnoj the Academic theatre of ballet under the direction of Askolda Makarova. All ranks hudruka were pedantically specified in the poster.
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