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To the Indonesian Christians have enclosed a bomb

More than ten churches in Indonesia tried to blow up in Christmas night neiz
  to the Indonesian Christians have enclosed a bomb
More than ten churches in Indonesia unknown extremists tried to blow up in Christmas night. 16 persons were lost, and nearby 50 have got wounds. The police works in a mode of full battle readiness and expects new acts of terrorism.
the first explosion was distributed at the main Catholic cathedral in capital Djakarta in nine evenings. On air the car parked at a building has flied up. Within next hours bombs have worked at four Catholic and Protestant churches, and also about Catholic school. Similar acts of terrorism have occurred in other cities of Indonesia - Medan, Pekanbaru, Bekasi, Sukabumi, Modzhokerto, Matarame and others. In total has thundered about 20 explosions.
the Scheme of execution of actions was everywhere identical - terrorists put an explosive in the cars parked at churches. After the first explosions in capital in many Christian churches the Christmas mass has been cancelled, and special services on all country have begun the strengthened patrol. In the city of Pekanbaru on Sumatra the police even has found out the mined car. However at attempt to neutralise a bomb four policemen were lost. Nevertheless employees of special services were possible manage more than ten bombs.
It was found out that else on the eve of Christmas only in Medan 11 bombs - the parcels addressed to Christian priests have been revealed and neutralised. But the authorities did not make this information public.

Christians make less than 10 % 210 - the million population of Indonesia. Bloody collisions between them and the Muslim majority do not calm down many years. Only in the last two days opposition costed to life almost five thousand persons.
While any of extremist groups has not incurred responsibility for an event. But mass character and a simultaneity of explosions says that behind the action there is a powerful organisation. Without delay the police has arrested the two person, the explosives engaged in manufacture, similar themes which have been used at the organisation of Christmas acts of terrorism. As the president of the country Abdurahman Vahid (Abdurrahman Wahid) has declared, the purpose of unknown terrorists - to destabilise a situation in the country, to sow fear among people. But it will not be possible to them . However, seemingly, that the purpose, on the contrary, is reached: as a result of explosions the majority of the Indonesian Christians have decided not to go to church, and the morning service went in empty temples.