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To the main witness on business of Holodova have paid knowingly

It has confirmed the indications
  to the Main witness on business of Holodova have paid knowingly
He has confirmed the indications

Yesterday the Moscow district military court has interrogated on the case of murder of the journalist MK Dmitry Holodova of the main witness of charge - the former commando Alexander Markelov. It poverg in shock of defendants and their lawyers, having confirmed the given evidences during the investigation that the diplomat and the subjects necessary for manufacturing of a mine - traps saw on a table at the chief of major Vladimir Morozova.

the Corporal of special troops 45 - go shelf VDV 33 - summer Alexander Markelov in some months after Dmitry Holodova`s murder has contacted a management MK also has declared that wishes to help to an investigation for the compensation declared by the newspaper. Such offers, including obviously roguish character, in the newspaper then arrived it is a lot of, and consequently colleagues of the killed journalist have concerned the corporal with watchfulness, but nevertheless have decided to organise a meeting of mister Markelov with the inspector on this business by Leonid Konovalovym.
At this meeting commando Markelov has told that the diplomat with an explosive for the journalist did the chief spetsotrjada special troops VDV major Vladimir Morozov. It has visited at the major an office when that just was going to do a mine - a trap (on a table at Morozova the diplomat and a detonator lay). Besides, commando Markelov ostensibly heard, how next day after murder of journalist Holodova the chief of investigation VDV Pavel Popovsky has come into an arrangement of group and has told to major Morozovu: Good fellows, have well worked .
MK has paid to corporal Markelov for the help to a consequence $2 thousand Then the most interesting has begun: the consequence has admitted leak about the indications given by the corporal to observe, how there will be themselves messages alleged murderers. Vladimir Morozov has properly beaten corporal Markelov, and colonel Pavel Popovsky has offered the undesirable witness $2 thousand to return to the newspaper, and also new apartment if only that has refused the indications. The State Office of Public Prosecutor had to hide commando Markelov on secret apartment that with it have not finished to court. But long he there has not wished to sit, and inspectors began to say to it that it would be time to search for work. And it not without the aid of Office of Public Prosecutor has found it in Voronezh, becoming for a while the police officer. And he nevertheless has refused the indications, truth, with motivation arranging Office of Public Prosecutor. The corporal has declared that upon it puts pressure one of accused - zamkomandira special troops VDV major Konstantin Mirzajants.
On the eve of Alexander Markelov`s interrogation in court major Mirzajants has addressed to the judge with the unexpected petition, having asked to interrogate the corporal in the presence of the press (which here a month it is removed with opened process). The defendant and its lawyers have been almost assured that the commando will tremble and will refuse initial recognitions, and wanted, that this key moment of litigation all country " saw;. But chairman Vladimir Serdjukov has rejected the petition, so witness Markelov acted yesterday behind the closed doors.
the Judge has warned the witness about a criminal liability for a summer residence of false testimonies then that has confirmed everything that spoke on a consequence. However, he answered some specifying questions of lawyers of defendants, what not all after the lapse of years can remember, and asked the judge to freshen in its memory of the indication of four-year prescription. However colonel Serdjukov while did not begin to do it - after all it is necessary to the witness still a minimum two days of interrogations. Nevertheless Dmitry Holodova Yury Viktorovich`s father has told to the correspondent upon termination of yesterday`s interrogation: I am inclined to trust more to the witness who says that does not remember in details everything that was in 1994, than to defendants who on court have remembered all to within a minute .
Lawyers of defendants left from yesterday`s session more gloomy a cloud, and almost all have refused dialogue with journalists. Only the defender of the colonel Popovsky Elena Tomashevsky has told some words: While the witness tells bajku in which plausibility it is very difficult to me to believe .