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The president undertakes natural monopolists

and reconciles Anatoly Chubays with Andrey Illarionov
  the President undertakes natural monopolists
also reconciles Anatoly Chubays with Andrey Illarionov

Today at session of presidium of the State Council Victor Khristenko will report on how the government re-structures natural monopolies. Strictly speaking, the government while re-structures nothing. It is only involved in political strike concerning necessity of reforms of natural monopolies.

the government basically already has plans of re-structuring of Ministry of Railways and the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“. To “ Gazprom “ a hand yet do not send in addition. However, these plans carry while the most general character. For example, in the government all agree that in Ministry of Railways and in the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ the exclusive component - actually transport infrastructure should be left. At Ministry of Railways these travelling facilities, at the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ - transferring networks. All is supposed to be released the rest in the market. But here is how it to do, not absolutely clearly. Working out of the scheme of re-structuring of railway branch have shelved. Round the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ in general there was a public scandal. Repeatedly wrote about charges of the economic adviser of president Andrey Illarionov to Anatoly Chubays, Herman Gref and Alexey Kudrin. Most likely, at today`s session of presidium of the State Council polemic between mister Illarionov and its opponents will renew with new force. By the way, at last session of presidium signal to start on December, 12th has been given to public fight between supporters and opponents of re-structuring of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ on Chubays.
in this holiday Anatoly Chubays was in London. It has returned to Moscow only late at night. According to the source from its environment, session in the Kremlin has been initiated by mister Illarionov specially that day when heads of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ were not in Russia. But on presidium session its members Yury Luzhkov, Egor Stroev and other governors who is difficult for carrying to Anatoly Chubays`s friends have come. Nevertheless, according to in the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“, especially rigid criticism of plans of mister Chubays then was not. Members of presidium of the State Council have warned about the agenda for 12 hours. And the most important thing - they have not understood that actually the president thinks of electric power industry re-structuring. On December, 12th have decided to be limited to a number of amendments of Alexander Voloshin. In particular, he has suggested to delete from the basic directions of re-structuring a passage about reduction of a share of the Russian Open Society in the generating companies in process of reform development. And it has been made. Next day, on December, 13th, under the informal information, Anatoly Chubays could achieve a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Alexander Voloshin and Michael Kasyanov. To it have told that “ all remains in force “ and on December, 15th the government will consider that plan of the re-structuring, which Andrey Illarionov wanted to reject completely. Than session of the government has ended, it well-known. The contradictory parties continue to exchange blows. At first mister Illarionov was supported by mister Voloshin, then the State Duma and federation Council.
yesterday in teleinterview Vladimir Putin answered and questions on Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ re-structuring. Anatoly Chubays`s its words hardly will please, the following has been told literally: Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ re-structuring - Anatoly Chubays because he reflects interests of the company, but in any way the states should not develop state business, and the corresponding plan. At Anatoly Chubays, truth, is the answer: Its plan is already removed from the agenda, it is actually dissolved in respect of the government.
today the president should place all points over i and estimate work on re-structuring first of all the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ not Anatoly Chubays, and the government. And governors will support it.